iGrill Meat Thermometer Solves Multi-Tasking at the BBQ

It has been quite some time that we heard of a gadget or an app that could be used in the kitchen department and also associate it with iPhone or iPad in some way.

Sometime back, we had written about how the iGrill can make you check the temperature of your meat that is being cooked, but we did not know that it also has many shortcomings. On the surface, it seemed to be a cool device, but when you dwell on the issue of multi-tasking, the iGrill does pose a few problems according to many reviewers.

Firstly, the iGrill is a Bluetooth Meat Thermometer that connects to your iPhone or iPad and lets you cook your meat in the grill without having to check the temperature of the flesh sitting right in front of it. You could set the steak on the grill and go about your house without worrying about what the temperature of your meat that is being grilled or cooked is. The iGrill connects to your iPhone through Bluetooth, when both the devices are tyurned on and sets off an alarm when the temperature is just right for the meat to be taken off the flame.

However, this still does not mean you could do whatever you want on your iPhone while the steak is being cooked. If you switch to another app, iGrill won’t be able to communicate to your iPhone, and that defeats the purpose of walking around the house freely and waiting for the alarm to ring when the meat is cooked on the grill. However, it really is a cool device that you can flaunt in front of your friends, if you are all iPhone and iPad crazy, and would like to use an app for everything that you do. The iGrill costs $100 for a single probe model, and $115 for a two probe model.

Apart from being the first iPhone compatible meat thermometer, iGrill also is pretty accurate and efficient when to comes to letting you know if the meat is cooked or not, or if you want to know what the temperature of the meat is. Only, you would not be able to multitask between other applications. I do hope they upgrade the iGrill soon enough and make the required changes! You could also take a look at the Grilltendo which is inspired by Super Mario.