13 Astoundingly Crazy Bathroom Designs

Let’s face it. Most of the time that you spend on contemplating your own beauty and thinking about life is probably in the bathroom. Thus, it’s important to create an environment that reflects your true personality and stimulates your train of thoughts. These 13 bathrooms below are not only for geeks, but suitable for any house of a whacking mind. Creative, fun, bizarre, they are everything but boring.

Ideal Standard Digital Bathroom


Via: Trendir

Ideal Standard has come up with a brilliant design of a futuristic bathroom for hardcore geeks who cannot live without hi-tech gadgets for just few minutes. The bathroom is equipped with indispensable gadgets of digital age that will allow you to watch movies, listen to music, catch up with the latest weather report, etc. even when you are doing your private things.

Super Mario Bros Bathroom



Cheerful and colorful, the Super Mario Bros themed bathroom is a great creation for any kid’s room. The walls are painted with the scenes from the popular video game, the tissue holder is the little cute mushroom and the towel features “Game over”. The sink is guarded by a Mario figurine to make sure that your kid washes the hands.

Pac-Man Bathroom


Via: Geek Sugar

The Pac-Man bathroom is a proof that public bathrooms can be cool too. The gaming store Game Junkie of Westchester Ohio decided to geek up its toilet by plastering tiles that depict Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man with the cherries in the middle.

World of Warcraft Bathroom



After 5 years of playing World of Warcraft, a couple was convinced that their bathroom is the best place to honor their favorite game. The bathroom was remodeled following something of a HORDE motif with the Horde emblem prominently displayed.

Star Wars Bathroom


Via: Candy Sandwich

Somebody has done an amazing tile job on his/her bathroom and turned the walls into a huge mosaic that features beloved characters from Star Wars franchise: R2-D2, C-3PO, Chewie and more.

Star Trek Bathroom


Via: Electronic House

Tony Alleyne is undoubtedly the most hardcore Star Trek fan ever when he transformed every single square foot of his apartment into an impressive tribute to the popular science fiction series. His crazy fandom can be sensed even in the bathroom.

Tardis Bathroom


Via: That’s Nerdalicious

As if being a steampunk themed bar alone is not geeky enough, Brooklyn steampunk bar wanted to be even cooler as they installed a bathroom that shapes like Tardis the time machine.

Horror Movie Bathroom


Via: Think Unique

A beautiful girl was taking a shower in your bathroom when the devil appeared and stabbed her in the back. She grabbed the curtain to sustain herself, tried to run out for help but died on the way. Well, with this bathroom, you can tell your unsuspicious visitors any creepy stories of your own just to freak them out.

Subway Bathroom


Via: Dor Nob

Following the labyrinth pattern of a subway map, this design will turn your bathroom’s walls and floors into uncanny 3D mosaics that will definitely amaze anyone who steps into your bathroom.

World’s Most Hi-Tech Bathroom


Via: Zedomax

Available at $75,000 each, Urilift was the world’s most hi-tech, and probably most expensive, public bathroom in 2006. It can be lowered below street level for a nice clean look during daytime, and hydraulically lifted to sidewalk level at night with a remote.

Aquatic Bathroom


Via: Ehomee

The bathroom is decorated based on a fresh aquatic theme with a light green background, lotus leaves, frogs and fish.

Crazy Bathroom


Via: Johan Foster

The Celtic Pride pub in downtown Eindhoven sure knows how to get its customers drunk. I’m feeling dizzy just by looking at the photo of its bathroom.

Luna Parc Bathroom


Via: Luna Parc

It took Risky Boscarino and his family 5 years to complete this magnificent bathroom, and the result is a grandiose tribute to hedonism and luxury. The magnificent mosaics on the walls, floor and just about everything else are inspired by the images of Klimt, Hundertwasser and Gaudi.