World of Warcraft Bathroom Makes the Toilet a Raid Boss

The latest World of Warcraft expansion, Cataclysm, has brought a new level of innovation and variety to the MMO universe. It shouldn’t surprise anyone then, that now about 5 years in, there are many “hardcore” fans of the game. One such set of fans, a couple, decided that their bathroom was simply too run of the mill and needed a change. Their solution? A World of Warcraft motif that was all custom made and looks more like a dungeon than a bathroom.

Here is the quote from the creator as to why they decided to get this done:

“My wife and I have been playing World of Warcraft for nearly five years now, and we decided to remodel our bathroom following something of a HORDE motif. Both my wife and I hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor (and yes, we did all the work; nothing was contracted.”

My wife and I both play World of Warcraft, but I am pretty sure that I could never convince her to put together something like this. The final product is very impressive, though. The horde emblem is prominently displayed and the walls look very much like those of a castle. The dragonhead lamps are also a nice touch, although I find the red toilet seat to be a bit over the top. Everything else is great, though, and I love all of the medeival nick nacks and carpentry. Who wouldn’t love something like this in their home? Well, those of you who aren’t Warcraft fans, I suppose, or those who lost a loved one to MMO addiction.

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Via: Geekologie