The Evil Robot Organization Engagement Ring

An engagement ring that has been styled on a Decepticon doesn’t necessary scream romance, but we geeks like doing things differently. For the uninitiated, Decepticons are usually the antagonists in the fictional universe of the Transformers and this conniving robot organization is pretty much the epitome of evil.

The fantastic (or shall we say geektastic) Decepticon Engagement Ring has been created by master custom jewelry maker and DeviantArt user, ‘TheBoog17’, who uses his mad creative skills to make this one of a kind piece of jewelry. The ring has been designed using 3Design CAD CAM software and has been set in a 14k white gold.

The ring was custom made for a DeviantArt user Fire-Readhead and has been designed to resemble a Decepticon,  and that is why the mask setting is two sided. On closer look, you will notice that the prongs holding the Moissanite gemstone in place are actually the robot’s horns and this kickass detail will blow away any self-respecting Transformers fan. The Decepticon ring or as the jeweler calls it the “Evil Robot Organization Engagement Ring” surprisingly has a very subtle and discreet design. Hence, unlike most novelty objects or pop-culture wedding rings, this one looks pretty regular (yes that is a good thing sometimes) and even elegant.

The trend of geeky weddings, offbeat proposals is really catching on and even going mainstream (oh, the horrors). If you can’t get enough of geek themed weddings and proposals, then do check our past posts like the “Ultimate Geeky and Offbeat Weddings, Cakes, and Proposals” and the “USB Wedding Ring.”