UPS Store hack: user data likely compromised

Data breaches and security hacks are sadly getting more common by the day, and a series of UPS Store locales seem to be the latest victims. Read more to learn how this affects users.


The UPS retail stores have been the last target of data theft, endangering several users & customers credit and debit cards information. UPS themselves have confirmed that 51 different US stores across 24 states have been hacked with malware tools, endangering a grand total of 1 percent of all UPS Stores.

Users who paid with credit cards between January 20, 2014, and August 11, 2014 might be at risk, as potentially names, postal addresses, email addresses, and credit and debit card data might have been accessed. UPS Store president Tim Davis apologized and explained the situation in a statement at their website, and claimed that “as soon as we became aware of the potential malware intrusion, we deployed extensive resources to quickly address and eliminate this issue. Our customers can be assured that we have identified and fully contained the incident.” The UPS Store has hired an IT security firm to further investigate the extent of the breach and the damage done.

This is far from the first case in retail stores getting compromise, and surely won’t be the last. Yet, the way UPS is working around the incident is commendable. They claim the malware has been eliminated, but are at the same time offering identity protection services and credit monitoring services to those customers.


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