Planet Hoth Wampa Star Wars Cake

WOW! Somewhere there’s a very happy 6 year old kid whose mom made this awesome cake for his birthday. I think we found the coolest mom ever! This Star Wars fans family is not new when it comes to creating awesome Star Wars dishes. Last year they had a Star wars party in which they made some really cool sweets.

This “scene cake” illustrates the scene where Luke is captured by the Wampa, and in case you wondered, the Wampa and Luke figures are toys. Lots of effort and thought were put into the creation of this scene cake. The walls were built using pretzel rods and white chocolate, which were squeezed with white cookie frosting afterwards. Meanwhile, the ice cycles were made from extra white fondant .

I’m sure that our Star Wars fan just love this cake! For more explanations on how this cake was made and for more fun creations by this one cool mom check out her site kitchen fun with my 3 sons. For more Star wars related article check out R2-D2 Takes Care Of Your Coffee and Star Wars Pancakes.