R2-D2 Takes Care Of Your Coffee

People seeing this might have trust issues, but we can guarantee: R2-D2 never confuses the coffee with oil, and what he makes is delicious. R2-D2-coffee-maker01

As if being around a bunch of revolutionaries, delivering messages and saving the galaxy wasn’t enough, R2 keeps getting more and more tasks added to his tight schedule. The most recent one is taking care of the coffee, so he became a coffee machine.

This R2 unit started out as a Bunn coffee maker, but thanks to a clever craftsman (who goes by inthebathroom), and a paintjob along with some modifications, it now looks like it could fit into any spaceship. Good ole’ R2 just keeps getting more and more useful! Check it working in the video below.

Thanks to the Dvice team for the lead on this story. And if you’re thinking of creating an R2-D2 themed house, check some other gadgets at R2-D2 Turntable and Star Wars Inspired R2-D2 Lamp.