Water Symphony Faucet Knows When you Need To Wash Your Hands

Just at the glance of the Water Symphony Faucet I started thinking to revamp my bathroom by installing stylish bath accessories and toiletries…I wonder how well it would fit.

Water Symphony

Indeed, one would get swayed by the elegant appearance of this Water Symphony Faucet that would very well complement the décor of one’s bathroom. Very often people do not give much attention to faucets when they construct their home but just when they enter any Hotel or a restaurant with a very appealing washroom, they start thinking of buying the same accessories for their bathrooms and toilets.

Water Symphony Faucets

With the dawn of 21st Century, everything underwent a tremendous change and we can feel the effect of it by looking around us. Even the objects and things of daily use have become trendier and in vogue that if we do not buy them, we feel outdated. If you enter a bath accessories shop, you would be able to have a glance at the plethora of amazing designs and you would want those sleek and sexy things to adore your bathroom.

Water Symphony Faucet

Water Symphony Faucet is one of those sexy faucets that you would want for sure as not only this sexy little thing looks appealing but is hygienic. Unlike the other faucets where you need to touch them to operate, this one doesn’t need a touch as if it knows that you need to wash your hands or face. This happens because of the sensors that are placed around the mixture which makes the water come out automatically when they detect hand in a certain range.

Water Symphony Tap

This is a wonderful faucet that also comes with features like water pressure and heating which can be customized by a control unit placed under the sink that has a microprocessor for processing and saving the settings. The Water Symphony Faucet won Red Dot Design Award 2009 for its distinguished performance. There is a mic and an OLED Screen equipped in the faucet to exhibit the temperature of water, water pressure, and water consumed after every wash.

If you are interested to know more, then guys, this is really ASTOUNDING that you can command the tap to supply water at your desired temperature just by using Voice Command. I just missed out to tell you that this is the creation of Aleksander Mukomelov.

Again like many good products, this one is also a concept, and we need to wait when it comes out for sale but these days automatic faucets have started appearing in the markets. Have a look at some cool concepts viz. Polpettek: 3 Little Pigs Project, Hungry Rechargeable Battery and Fancy LED Tweezers.