12 Items of Technology You can Wear

Fashion isn’t just looking good, unique and outstanding. Like everything in this world, it moves forward and advances, also technologically.

Some of these weren’t invented in the last few months and have been around for quite a while, like the Solar Bikini, but it’s incredible to see how connecting everything we have with out smartphones and social network has become a top priority, even for those in the business of making clothes.

Beat Glove

A glove that run on a Lilypad Adruino and comes with touch-pressure sensors on each fingertip, allowing the user to tap out rhythms.

Electronic Drum Machine Shirt

You can tap out a beat with your fingers using the drum pads on the front of the shirt. The shirt also comes with a mini amplifiers, and it costs $29.99.

Glove One

A glove that is pretty much a cell phone – it has a slot for a sim card that can make and receive calls On the underside of each finger, there are numeric touch keys for making phone calls. The speaker on the thumb and microphone on the pinky make you feel like you’re actually holding a phone. It isn’t for sale, byt a DYI version should set you back about $340.

K Dress

A dress that’s embedded with hundreds of LED lights, with the ability to customize the colors and patterns that the dress displays. It costs just under $2500.

Mobile Lorm Gloves

A device that makes it possible for deaf and blind people to use text messages. The glove translates the Lorm alphabet into text and vice versa via a Bluetooth connection between the glove and a smartphone.

Orange Power Wellies

Boots that come with power generating sole, converting the heat from your feet into energy. While you’re walking or doing anything outdoors, your phone can be charged, sitting in the pocket on the side of the boot.


The Pebble watch syncs with your smartphone via Bluetooth. Prices begin at $99.

Smarter Socks

A pair of socks that are fitted with RFID chips that help you locate the matching pair when you got a little bit of laundry mess.

Social Denim

Jeans that come with a pocket equipped with a Bluetooth device that connects with your smartphone. The device allows you to update your location on social networks and also present your current mood. Costs between $190 and $260.

Solar Bikini

A bikini that’s equipped with photo-voltaic film strips, absorbing the sun’s rays and can charge electronic devices while you’re getting a tan. Prices being at $500 and can cost as much as triple the initial price.

The Keyboard Pants

Jeans that are stylish (debatable) but more importantly, function as a keyboard and come embedded with a pair of speakers and also a wireless mouse.


A wristband that tracks your movement and sleeping patterns, using advanced algorithms you upload to your smartphone and helps you get in better shape. Costs $129.

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