WhatsApp Ends Support for Windows Phones and Older Devices

WhatsApp Ends Support

Those who are holding on to their older phones dearly may have to sacrifice using Whatsapp. Whatsapp announced yesterday that it will no longer support older phones across Windows, iOS and Android platforms. This does not come as a surprise as most applications have stopped providing support to older devices as they do not have the capacity to protect users against security and privacy issues. In addition, older versions of software and hardware do not support WhatsApp features that most users have begun to take for granted.

Here are some of the devices that will no longer be supported when WhatsApp ends support:

  • Phones older than Android version 2.3.7
  • Devices that use iOS 8 or older versions of the software
  • All Windows phones

WhatsApp recommends users to switch devices and upgrade to those that can run Android 4.0.7 or higher. They also recommend using devices running on iOS 9 or higher when WhatsApp ends support.

Why do people continue to use older phones?

A lot of people continue to use older phones for a number of reasons. However, as research shows, this may not be such a good idea. Here are some of the risks of using older smartphones and tablets that run on archaic operating systems:

  • Devices are vulnerable to security threats and data breaches
  • Identity thefts and impersonations are increasingly common, and people who use older devices are common targets
  • There are chances of phishing attacks and financial frauds
  • Slower devices may cause increased stress among users
  • Research links bad posture to devices that are slower
  • Most importantly, a lot of people cannot afford newer devices and continue to use older ones as long as they possibly can.

Updating the device or the software version is a good idea

Those who are using older cellphones or tablets should consider buying a newer phone that runs on a higher version of the aforementioned operating systems. Users who have not updated their software can try doing so as well. WhatsApp’s decision to stop supporting older devices is a wise one, and users stand to gain the most by co-operating with this technological decision. After all, nothing is more important than the security of the device one uses regularly.