15 Hi-Tech and Just Plain Weird Window Designs

The window that you use to look out to the world can make the world look back at you with admiration. The never changing square hole on your wall can transform itself into a beautiful demonstration of innovation, aesthetics or simply craziness. Here is the list of 15 weirdest window designs that will turn your place into a geeks’ heaven.

Desktop Window 1


Desktop window is no ordinary window. It’s a window that is designed to look just like the window of your real Windows. I know it’s confusing, but geeks are never easy to understand. Named Fenêtres 3.1 after Windows 3.1, the design is an attempt to demonstrate windows in a more humane nature.

Desktop Window 2


Via: Calfinder

Here comes another window that taps in the confusion of window and Windows. This Desktop window looks pretty simple to make. All you need to do is to print out a Folder screen and then apply it around your window, or if you are good enough you can even paint it.

Bloomframe Balcony-On-Demand


Via: Syahdiar

The Bloomframe Disappearing Balcony is an innovative window design that can transform itself into a full balcony when needed. It’s a remarkable design, no doubt. My only question is if they have space to stretch out this window, why don’t they just build a beautiful balcony in the first place?

Screen Light Window


Via: The Emotion Lab

The Screen light is a playful and adjustable window of light that features different screens you can move. By lowering the different screens, you can create the perfect tone and ambient to warm the ambiance to meet your needs.

Window with Built in Squeegee


Via: Yanko Design

Cleaning your windows can be quite boring and dangerous sometimes, especially if your apartment is high up on the sky. Window with built in squeegee is one simple but brilliant idea that can save you from all the troubles. The design also looks quite neat.

Solar Window Concept 1


Via: Uber Gizmo

Researchers from MIT are developing a chemical blend that is supposed to be able to coat ordinary windows and turn them into solar panels. The magical blend will have a wide range of colors, from very bright to near transparent, and can absorb light while re-emit energy into the glass.

Solar Window Concept 2


Via: Gizmag

With the same ambition to create a major improvement in the green energy industry, EnSol is working with the University of Leicester’s Department of Physics and Astronomy to create a transparent thin film that can be coated onto window glass so that windows in buildings can also become power generators.

Solar Window 1


Via: PopSci

While waiting for the magical coating, you can start saving the environment withthe first transparent photovoltaic window, Introduced by RSi Energy Grouphe, it can generate 80 to 250 watts from panes as large as nine by nine feet. The heat-resistant glass could reduce air-conditioning bills by 60 percent. Customized windows can switch from clear to frosted, resist flame, and repel bullets.

Solar Window 2


Via: Inhabitat

The East is second to none in the green energy competition. Unveiled at Taipei’s International Optoelectronics Week, the solar window can protect your living space and generate energy for your home at the same time.

Solar Window 3


Via: Telegraph

China has taken an even further step to cultivate the potential of solar window. From the photo, we can see that all windows of a whole office building have been incorporated solar cells.

Window Air Purifier


Designer Jae-Han Song found the similarity in the purpose of the window and an air purifier, and decided to combine them both into a window air purifier. In the shape of a window, it features a transparent LCD that will turn dark if the quality of the air in the room has fallen down.

Breezway’s Automated Window


The winner of Australian Window Association Design Award for Most Innovative Window System, Breezway’s  new automated window system lets you open and close the louvres with a simple flick of a switch, especially helpful when the louvres are hard to reach.

Rainforest Window Frame


Via: Thrifty Fun

With a little creativity and some skills, you can easily get yourself out of the stuffy room to the wildness of a rainforest. This wonderful rainforest window frame will give you the feeling that you are gazing out into a serene waterfall in the woods.

Runco’s WindowWall


Via: Elite Choice

Runco has launched a digital display that resembles the large lake view windows cum video screens of Graystones in the science fiction series Caprica. WindowWall, as it is called, can be used to show digital still images or motion video clips to create a “virtual window” in a room.

Weird Windows


Via: Strange Harvest

There is nothing much to say about these two windows other than weird. The perversity of windows cut into window frames either suggests an architectural creativity, or simply an abnormal state of mind.