SackBoy Anatomy Sculpture is Creepy

Sackboy, the mascot and modifiable character of LittleBigPlanet, is one of the most distinct characters to have come out of the current generation of video games. This anatomical figurine of Sack Boy shows just how popular the puzzle-platformer game has become over the last few years.

Jason Freeny, a well-known name around these parts, is the artist behind this particular figurine. His fascination with the anatomy of non-human things reflects in his work, which mainly consists of anatomic cutaways of cartoon characters, such as this creepy Stewie anatomic model or this even weirder Stay Puft Marshmallow Man figurine. Freeny even creates anatomical figures of non-sentient things, such as this working Rubik’s Cube carved to look like a cube brain.

Sack Boy 1

This neat Sack Boy model is made through a process similar to his other works. First, a plastic model of the character has been bisected, with a sculpting material replacing the cut-out portion.

sack boy 2

The modeling compound is then carved into the shape of an exaggerated skeleton, complete with skull, tiny ribs and inner organs.

sack boy 3

He’s also given a new skeletal arm and leg, and the internal organs are painted various fleshy colours. Finally, to top off the whole piece, Sack Boy is mounted to a stand, where he can be displayed to the world.

sack boy 4

The sculpture is very neat and well-executed, even if the skeletal Sackboy is a bit frightening in appearance. It almost looks like an official piece of merchandise!

sack boy 5

What’s unnerving about this piece, though, is that Sackboy really shouldn’t have any inner anatomy – he is a sentient sack, after all. However, Freeny’s expertise in making realistically cartoonish anatomy makes the overall figure believable.

sack boy 6

This figurine would make an absolutely perfect gift for the nerdy science teacher or anthropologist in your life – especially if they happen to love video games. Making a replica for yourself wouldn’t be too difficult, but making it look as good as this fantastic sculpture would be extremely hard. Perhaps it’s just better to stare in wonder at this amazing figurine.

Via: Moist Production