A Teen’s Rendition of The Ghostbusters Theme Medley

Matt Mulholland delivers an incongruous performance by singing the Ghostbuster’s theme song in 14 part harmony, with himself. To make it worse, he covers the song in the A capella style. For the uninitiated, A capella is singing without the aid of any instruments.

Though the Ghostbusters title theme might sound a bit “out-of -the-place”, one thing is for sure that the video showcases Matt’s impressive skills and is funny enough to induce a laugh or two out of its audience. The only impressive bit is that Matt mimics all the instruments on the title track, and does so with élan.

The Ghostbusters video has the crazy singer in the center of frame wearing a Ghostbusters t-shirt. The four corners of the frame has the A capella singer (Matt himself) mimicking a particular instrument: On the left hand top and bottom corner the singer mimics the lead and bass guitar; the right hand top corner has Matt ding the drums, while the bottom right hand corner is reserved for the keyboard.

The combined effect of all the instruments and Matt’s singing makes for one entertaining video, though it gets a bit boring after the first few seconds. Moreover, there are certain moments in the four-minute long ‘music’ video that will have you laugh out loud. One of the funny moments is when Matt appears bare-chested with a chimp puppet on his left hand and adds to the chorus singing “Ghostbusters”.

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