The World without the Internet [Infographic]

Almost 2.3 billion people worldwide use the Internet now and the number will only multiply in the coming years.

While everyone is busy with integrating the Internet into everything they do in their lives, could you possibly imagine living a life without the Internet? Online Education published an infographic that reveals what the world is going to be like without the Internet.

The possibilities are not only scary but apocalyptic to most people. Many of the revolutions that just happened in the Middle East would ever have taken place and the dictators would continue to kill and maim their citizens. Twitter wouldn’t exist and so wouldn’t Amazon. Probably, we would all go back to record stores and ask them if our favorite CDs have been shipped. If the Internet weren’t there, many people would have lost their jobs.

In fact, just in the U.S., 1.2 million people are directly employed by the Internet, if one could say that. Internet has also shortened distances both figurative and literal. Cultural barriers are no longer impediments, thanks to the Internet! You might also want to take a look at these infographics which reveal The Internet of Things and the Zettabyte Age. I would say, we have come too far to imagine a world without the Internet!