Who Belongs With Whom In Game of Thrones? [Infographic]

Things like allegiances and friends can change in a heartbeat in Westeros, so here’s something that should help newcomers keep track of who is with whom with minimal spoilers.

Game of Thrones Infographic

Game of Thrones is the greatest thing on TV right now, and with the huge launch the third season has just had (even becoming officially the most pirated thing ever), it is to be expected there will be some newcomers to the brilliant world created by George R. R. Martin. This graph is intended to help them, as well as veterans who need to do some memory jogging if they haven’t read the books recently.

This project by Nigel Even Dennis covers pretty much every character we’ve seen in the show up until now, and some that will be introduced this third season such as the Reeds, vassals of the North, and Greyworm of the Unsullied. The good part? No deaths are mentioned, so you can read without getting much spoiled. Give it a go, and check the whole thing by clicking here.

Source: Visua.ly

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