Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Does Away with Air Pollution

After dethroning Samsung as China’s first and foremost smartphone vendor, Xiaomi launched a lot of gadgets, the latest being the Mi Air Purifier, a welcome addition to the Mi Smart Home Appliance Family.

Publicly announced yesterday, the Mi Air Purifier comes to help us with yet another aspect of our lives that seems to have gotten out of hand, recently. The quality of the air we breathe deteriorates with each passing day, and indoor air often contains up to 10 times more pollutants than the outdoor one. Xiaomi deserves applauses for launching such a product, seeing how China, the home country of this company, is the 13th most polluted country in the world.

Mi Air Purifier is efficient in many ways, the small space it occupies being one of them. While the device is undeniably tall, its footprint is no larger than an A4 sheet of paper.

To clean the indoor air, the Mi Air Purifier employs a system made of 3 distinct filters: a pre-filter, a HEPA filter and a carbon one. When all of these get combined, the resulting air is allergen free and much cleaner than before.

Speaking of efficiency and effectiveness, Mi Air Purifier has a debit of 10.000 liters of air per minute, or 460 m3 per hour. Since the manufacturer claims that this is enough for purifying the air in an up to 48 m2 area, I’d say that the device is good enough for small apartments and offices or conference rooms. Anything larger than that and you may need to buy more of these.

As any good smart home device out there, the Mi Air Purifier comes with a companion app that enables you to schedule it, control its speed and monitor air quality in real time.

Check out the following video to get an idea about how the Mi Air Purifier looks and works in real life:

The Mi Air Purifier will be available for RMB 899 (approximately USD $145), while the filter will carry a price tag of RMB 149 (around USD $24). Assuming that this product gets the necessary certifications to be sold in Europe and the US, expect the price to be a tad higher, as shipping and other costs will be added to the bill. Regardless of the price, let’s just hope that the Mi Air Purifier won’t end up being a China-exclusive product, as the Mi TV 2 currently is.

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