XShot iPhone 4 Case: Hands-On Review [CES 2011]

The iPhone 4 has raised the bar with the HD Video capabilities and stunning still images, but if you really want to use it for steady and wonderful picture taking, then the XShot is here to help.

XShot iphone 4 case tripod adapter

The XShot iPhone 4 Case is a practical case that is designed as to treat your iPhone like a true digital camera. It is a cool looking iPhone case that includes an adapter to connect a tripod to your iPhone, granting a steady and stable platform.

iphone 4 tripod adapter

We had a chance to test out the XShot with a few different iPhone 4’s, and it really provides the simple and practical utility it states to. As our friends always speak highly of the iPhone 4 Image capabilities, they were really excited to see there is a simply way to help make sure images really come out good, without slight motion and such…leading to blurry or ruined images.

iphone 4 tripod case XShot

The best part about the XShot iPhone 4 case is that it is not too bulky to use as a regular case. With its slim design, it only slightly widens the iPhone 4’s regular size, and since it snaps around the entire phone, it also acts as a bumper…to fight the Apple iPhone 4 antenna reception issue. Moreover, while at first glance it seems like a good use for iPhone photographers only, having the mini tripod also gives a good solution to watch your movies at your desk or office. It becomes more of a convenience, as it will hold up your phone in either Portrait or Landscape mode and remain fixed and steady.

iphone 4 tripod case XShot case

The XShot iPhone 4 case runs for only $24.95 and comes with a mini flex tripod for daily use. For another version that is also practical, check out the Glif iPhone 4 Tripod.