YouTube Launches on Nintendo 3DS Without 3D Support

Despite being renowned for its 3D capabilities, a new YouTube app for Nintendo’s handheld games console, the 3DS, has launched without 3D playback support.

Nintendo Mint White 3DS XL image

The undisputed King of Family Gaming, Nintendo, have a long and illustrious history of bringing well made games consoles to the Mario-loving masses. With their distinctly family friendly stance and their ability to publish exclusive games, the Japanese gaming company have enjoyed plenty of success. While their latest ‘big’ console, the Wii U, trails in sales and consumer interest, their hold on the handheld sector remains, with the Nintendo 3DS bucking the 3D trend by offering 3D gaming on a portable device without the use of fiddly, inconvenient and clunky glasses. Furthering both the console and the service’s popularity even more so, YouTube have just released an app, letting 3DS users watch videos from the video streaming site on the go.

Announcing its release via a post on sister platform Google+ (Google is the parent company of YouTube, after all), YouTube have stated that the app is free and is available on both the Nintendo 3DS and the aforementioned Wii U via the platforms’ eShop in North America and Europe. What’s most interesting about the YouTube app, is that on 3DS, it lacks 3D playback support, which is especially unusual given that one of the biggest draws to the console is that it allows for 3D media viewing, which is also something that could see many users flock to the app.

With videos appearing on the top screen of the 3DS, which can be controlled by the console’s triggers and buttons and with suggested videos, along with statistics and search options being displayed below, YouTube’s app will have to offer more than a well designed layout to get users’ interest, especially as apps for Netflix and Hulu (both offer video streaming) launched on the console just last month. Whether or not they choose to add 3D playback in the future has yet to be seen and YouTube have yet to make a statement, but we’ll keep you posted once we know more.

Source: YouTube on Google+

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