Ztylus Case Adds 4 More Lenses to Your iPhone 5/5S

As good as smartphone cameras may be, we still need accessories or special apps to make the photos better. The Ztylus case, with its 4-in-1 lens system, gives people a bit of a flexibility in terms of how they shoot their photos.

Sony launched the QX lens system not long ago, with the same purpose of offering mobile photographers better quality and more flexibility. The problem with that lens system is that it’s quite a hefty solution, not to mention expensive. The Ztylus case for iPhone 5/5S is the equivalent for Apple’s smartphones, even though someone who has the financial resources to buy such an (overpriced) smartphone must definitely also have the dough for some dope accessories.

The Ztylus case is obviously intended for flagship smartphones and phablets, as the manufacturer only makes a few versions that are compatible with the iPhone, Note 3 or S4. The polycarbonate and aircraft-grade aluminum combo helps you protect the already fragile devices, so even without the lens system, Ztylus has some great functionality.

Ztylus also comes with a kickstand, which means that after shooting some great photos, you can place the phone on the table and watch your creations.

Regardless if you want to shoot macro pictures or you simply want to have images with the fish eye effect, Ztylus can help you.

Smartphone manufacturers have tried for quite a while to make their products as close to real cameras as possible, and Samsung was the closest, with its Galaxy S4 Zoom smartphone-camera hybrid. If the technology implemented in the camera sensor itself is not good enough, people shouldn’t despair, as it’s still possible to achieve decent results using aftermarket products such as the Ztylus 4-in-1 lens system case. The metal frame of the lens kit definitely adds some bulkiness to the smartphone, but that doesn’t mean that its weight goes up by much.

The bad news about the Ztylus 4-in-1 lens system is that you need to purchase the case and the lenses separately.

While the case itself will be available for $39.99, the RV-2 Revolver lens kit will retail for $69.99. The overall price is a bit steep, considering how cheap the Chinese alternatives go nowadays, but if you own a flagship smartphone or phablet, you should accept nothing less than premium accessories.

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