How To Make Your Own Lie Detector

I just came across this great do-it-yourself tutorial by the famous hacker Kipkay.

The video below illustrates how to build a fun and cheap lie detector, which according to Kipkay truly works and can easily be built.

I play poker a lot, and my friends always laugh and say that since I successfully bluff a lot, I could probably trick a lie detector. I am not sure if that is possible or not (hopefully it is… ) but maybe now we can test my friends’ claims. Especially since this project looks really fun to do.

If you decided to give it a shot let us know how it went, and please don’t lie….I will be able to tell.

15 thoughts on “How To Make Your Own Lie Detector

  1. Megha .

    Hello I liked your informations about different technologies but I required some special to make home made like detector so can you help me for it?Actually I’m in final year of IT so I have to make prj.

  2. Daryl .

    It works on the basis that skin resistance is lowered when we sweat,

    as its commonly believed we sweat when we lie then therefore this unit “should”

  3. jack .

    Thanks this is very helpful I am making a lie detector and doing many experiments on a lie detector for science fair so this is very helpful

  4. Geanne .

    I love it?but does it really works?… does it works? how did u know it really works??soree if i have alot of questions….I’m wondering maybe i could do this for my science project=)

  5. Tal Siach .

    Hi Sasha and Denise, thank you both for visiting.

    @Sasha: I am really happy you enjoy our Blog, thanks for the support. Hope to see you soon.

    @Denise: It may not be too practical on the surface, but could actually be used for fun, such as a party game.


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