The iRizer by Matias is a Slim and Portable Laptop Stand

Working on a laptop for hours can really take its toll. Our neck and wrists are sometimes at an uncomfortable position for a prolonged period of time. There are many different viable solutions, such as tables, stands, and more, but sometimes these aren’t easily affordable.

Matias has designed the iRizer, an affordable and convenient laptop stand that is adjustable to fit your comfort.

At only $39.95, this notebook stand is extremely slim, so not to weigh you down away from home. The iRizer is .55″ (14mm) thick, so it may easily fit with your laptop when you are out to an appointment. There are also four different adjustable positions available, so you can select the one which will grant you the most comfort.

The iRizer package also includes a free MiniRizer. This miniature version of the iRizer is a stand for your PDA, cellphone or even business cards. For more info or to purchase your own, you can check out the Matias store.


Image Courtesy of Matias Corporation

Via: ArsGeek