Charge Many Gadgets with a Single Chargepod

Do you own more than one cell phone? Do you have different gadgets that may need charging at the same time? Are you sick and tired of all the mess and tangles of all the different charging plugs for your portable electronics?

The Chargepod is your answer. It will charge your iPod, cell phone, Bluetooth headet, PDA, and more all through the same charging hub.

Callpod created the Chargepod to release the worry of having to carry all the cables of your different portable electronics. When ordered, you select what products you need adapters for and how many. Callpod provides you with the correct adapters for your personal devices.

Imagine how convenient it would be to be able to charge 6 separate gadgets at the same time, without the tangles and hassle.

You may get one for yourself $47 and see which products you personally own.



3 thoughts on “Charge Many Gadgets with a Single Chargepod

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  2. Eran Abramson.

    Hey David, thanks for the comment.

    I know the frustration of having so many different cables at home. I have no idea why we keep all of them, but we do.
    This charging hub takes care of 6 of the cables…and is so space efficient. Pretty cool product.


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