HP Laptops for Women: Notebook Concepts


There are many different HP laptops that are made for business, executives, media, games, etc, but are there any there are created especially for women? Nikita Buyanov has designed more than a few Notebook computer concepts for the ladies out there, which don’t only look pretty but have some added features women would love.



For other great futuristic designs, make sure to check out the collection of Cellphone designs or the Computer Keyboards for geeks.



Seeing some of these below, a few are amazing looking HP Laptops and a few are a little off, but I am certain some women out there would love it of HP adapts this concept. Heck, why not!



Via: Gizmowatch

5 thoughts on “HP Laptops for Women: Notebook Concepts

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  3. shasyikin .

    heya i’d love to buy that pinky laptop or the chameleon..so gorgeous..can u plz tell me the specs,pricing,n where can i get it?


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