Gaming Guitar Hero Controller Cufflinks

Guitar Hero Controller Cufflinks


Guitar Hero fans and Geeks rejoice with a new cufflinks designed perfectly for you: the Guitar Hero Cufflinks that may show your love for the game, but won’t get any more coordinated.

The Guitar Hero game has took off in so many different ways, and besides the obvious game spinoffs, adding more and more bands to add their tracks to the list of songs, there are different geek accessories that are perfect for classy gamers (or others).

This set of cufflinks is not just a pout together jewelry piece but a great looking classy set of cufflinks. They show one model of teh Guitar Hero controller, and incolude the colorful buttons the major gamers know by heart. While going to a party, it could provide the shine you wish for but let people know that you love to play. Other great creations have included the Guitar Hero Controller Tattoo, the Fashion Scarves of Guitar Hero and for  alittle extra fun…you could see Miley Cyrus playing Rock Band (the game’s major competition).

If you are in touch with your Geekiness and do wish to get a pair, these cufflinks are not cheap: $50 for a set.

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