10 Best Beach Gadgets To Upgrade Your Next Vacation

The hottest season of the year has arrived in the U.S. and undoubtedly, one of the places people think about during this time of the year is the beach – one of the best (if not the best) locations to unwind be a little adventurous.

To make your trip complete, make sure you have all the devices you need. What could those be? Well, here are some of them.

Samsung Galaxy S8 with Temdan Waterproof Case

These days some people find it hard to live and exist without their phones. Well, that’s because it’s the best way to reach out to our family and friends and also to post on our social media accounts to update our crowd, at least if you’re one of those people with that necessity. But since you’re off to the beach, opting for a water resistant phone is recommended aka Samsung S8. Of course, there’s a limit to that. Samsung S8 can be submerged in up to 1.5 meters of fresh water for up to 30 minutes. Which means, you still have to keep it from submerging in the sea. Or just to be sure, you can equip your S8 with further protection such as this waterproof case that allows you to submerge your phone for uup to10 feet for one-hour maximum.

iPhone 6/6s Plus with ProShot Waterproof and GoPro Mountable Case

But if you’re more of an iPhone user, here’s a waterproof case that allows you to submerge your iPhone for upto 50 feet below. It’s even compatible with your GoPro mount!

GoPro HERO5 Session with Taotree GoPro HERO Session 5 Waterproof Housing

Of course, bringing a GoPro is not a question, right? Go get yours now if you don’t own one, yet. You can even complement it with an underwater casing.

Seaview 180° GoPro Compatible Snorkel Mask

You can even match your GoPro with a full-face mask to allow easier breathing while snorkeling. Since it’s full-face, this would also allow you to enjoy the underwater view even more.

ZEROTECH DOBBY Mini Selfie Pocket Drone with 13MP High Definition Camera

Or if you want to bring taking photos to a notch higher, how about a selfie-drone with a high-definition camera? It ‘s nice for taking photos that could also capture the view, right?

Cannonball Audio 360° IPX7 Rated Waterproof Speaker

Bring a cool and dependable speaker with you in the pool or beach with this Cannonball waterproof speaker.

Amazon Kindle e-book reader


Are you the type who’s fond of taking a quiet time along the shore while sun bathing perhaps?An e-book reader can be a good company while doing so.

Dizaul Portable Solar Power Bank

But how would you fully use your devices if they run out of juice. Of course, power bank is the solution and not just any power bank. For a few days worth of travel, it’s nicer to have a solar-powered and waterproof power bank on hand. Here’s the power bank from Dizaul to answer all your worries. And it doesn’t just allow you to charge your phones, but your action cameras as well!

goTenna – text & GPS on your phone

Planning to go somewhere remote? bring a goTenna with you, a device that would allow you to send messages and send your GPS location even when there’s no signal.

SwimSafe Swim Monitor System by SEAL

Swimming with the kids? Make sure you have fun while keeping your kids safe at the same time. How/ by bringing along this swim monitor system. It has a necklace tracker band connected to the monitoring system, which in turn will alert you on the child’s swim level.