10 Great Mother’s Day 2017 Gifts Under $50

It’s almost that time of year again, Mother’s Day! It’s the day we celebrate the wonderful women in our lives who raised us and put up with us on the good days and bad days. Show your love for your amazing mother with these perfect 2017 Mother’s Day gifts under $50!

She’ll be sure to love these gifts!

InnoGear Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oils are all the rage today, so naturally, an essential oil diffuser is a perfect pick. InnoGear is an aromatherapy device that dispenses essential oils into the air. It helps you breathe better in the winter, soothes dry and chapped skin, and is proven to help you feel more relaxed. It’s perfect for the stressed mom who needs to unwind, or the busy mom in the workplace who needs a soothing environment.

Corkcicle Canteen Classic Collection-Water Bottle & Thermos

Corkcicle canteen is the best beverage holder around! It can keep your drinks hot for over 12 hours, and your drinks cold for over 25 hours, not to mention it’s stylish and sleek, making it look way cooler than most water bottles.

Battery Pack RAVPower Portable Battery Charger For Smartphones and Tablets

RavPower’s portable charger enables you to charge your phone or any device anywhere! No need to plug your phone into an outlet! This is perfect for those mothers who are always on the run, forgetting to charge their phones or simply not having the time to wait for it to charge while it’s plugged into the wall.

Echo Dot (2nd Generation) – Black

Echo dot is an amazing smart home device. Talk to it, and it answers! Some less tech-savvy mothers might not see the need for this device, but it really is a great help in any home. It can control your light switches, fans, garage doors, locks, and even sprinklers. That’s a huge help for any mother who simply wants to make life a bit easier.

Garmin 010-01225-00 Vivofit Fitness Band – Black

Garmin’s Vivofit fitness band will help you stay healthy. This is great for every mother who wants to know how many calories she’s burning throughout the day, how many steps she’s taking, and it even monitors sleep. No need to worry about charging it either, the battery lasts for an entire year without ever turning off the device. That means you can wear it 24/7!

Sony MDR-XB400 XB Series Extra Bass Headphones (Pink)

Who doesn’t want stylish, cute headphones? For the mother who is an audiophile or simply a music lover, these headphones will be sure to impress. They have noise isolating ear pads, and produce a deep, powerful, bass sound.

Hydro-Beat Illumination. IPX7 fully waterproof portable Bluetooth shower radio speaker with LED lights

This is one of my favorite items on the list. Who doesn’t love singing in the shower? Now it will be even more fun, because this is a fully waterproof Bluetooth shower radio speaker! It can be used flawlessly in the shower, at the pool, or the beach! This is a gift that would be wonderful for any mom who wants to take her music everywhere without her speakers being damaged or her kids accidentally getting the speakers wet.

YI Home Camera Wireless IP Security Surveillance System (US Edition) White

Every mom has probably worried at some point or another about what’s going on at her house when she’s not there. With Yi, she can feel a bit safer and more at ease, because it’s a home security system. Make sure your kids aren’t getting into trouble, make sure the pets aren’t getting everything dirty, and give yourself more peace of mind!

Logitech HD Webcam C310

Logitech’s HD Webcam is a fantastic gift for any mom who wants to interact with her kids that might live far away. It’s always difficult to go long amounts of time without seeing family, but it’s easier when you can still see their face, even if it’s through a webcam. It works with Skype, Yahoo Messenger, and Microsoft Live Messenger.

Fossil Emma RFID Smartphone Wristlet

This one is for all the fashion-conscious moms! Women’s clothing is notorious for never having pockets, so here’s a stylish solution. It’s both a phone case, and a wallet! And it’s super chic.