10 Smart Home Gadgets to Buy for 2017 Father’s Day

2017 Father’s day is next week! While it’s nice to show your dad appreciation even without a special occasion, it would warm their hearts even more if you give them a little of a special treatment on their special day.

Is your father tech savvy or into smart devices? This post is specially made for you. Check out these interesting devices that would make your dad’s life a little more comfortable:

1) AmazonBasics Over-Ear Headphones

Maybe your dad was part of a rock band or just simply a lover of music. Then, this over-ear headphones may be the perfect gift for him. After all, music is soothing, and such a gadget can be his company – listening to music while preparing reports for work or while walking to his office.

2) AmazonBasics Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Black

Or maybe, it would be more interesting if your dad, together with you and the rest of the family can listen together to some good music. Then, why not opt for this portable Bluetooth speaker? In that way, whether he’s at home or out of town with you and the family, you can bond over good music.

3) AmazonBasics 2.0 Channel Bluetooth Sound Bar

You can also opt to bring your gift in full blast this year with this remote-controlled channel sound bar.

4) Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote | Streaming Media Player

Who doesn’t love a good dose of entertainment? I’m sure you do and definitely, your dad does, too. Why not surprise him with this Fire TV Stick so your dad can watch some good movies and sports matches during his free time? For all you know you can benefit from this gift, too, and watch with him for some quality time!

5) iRobot Roomba 980 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Or help your dad help your mom clean the house in a smarter way through this technologically advanced vacuum cleaner. This way, your dad can help in cleaning with just a click in his smartphone, made available through the device’s matching app. A subtle way to say: “Hey dad, mind help with the cleaning?”

6) iRobot Braava 380t Mopping Robot

Feeling extra extravagant? Match that vacuum cleaner with this mopping robot. Surely, your dad will be extra amazed on how cleaning could be so much easier.

7) AmazonBasics Nylon Braided USB A to Lightning Compatible Cable

Is your dad an iPhone or iPad user? Help him to easily charge and sync his device by getting him a new nylon braided charger. He’ll thank you for giving him one that doesn’t easily break.

8) Dyson Pure Hot Cool Link Air Purifier – WiFi Enabled

Your dad will appreciate it if you can offer a way to make him feel refreshed after a long day’s work. Why not get him this interesting cool link air purifier that can cool or heat a room while removing pollutants at the same time.

9) Amazon Echo Dot

Make your dad’s room (or your entire home) a little smarter through this Echo Dot that will help dear father control appliances at home with just a simple voice command. When your dad’s a little tired at work, this would be helpful with lessening his need to move around.

10) Canon Lasers ImageCLASS LBP251dw Wireless Monochrome Printer

Does your father work from home or manage a little business? Or is his printer a little outdated? Give him this wireless printer that would help him have easier means to print the documents he needs for work or business. He will surely remember you every time this printer makes his life easier.