14 Perfect T-Shirts For Book Geeks

Books make an excellent subject for T-shirts, but not in the conventional way. Sometimes, taking a line from the novel and playing with it to make it cooler and more modern (if needed) or doing the same to a character makes much more of an impact when people see you wearing it.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Find your inner swag.

Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit

Lord of the Rings



Jane Eyre

Edward Rochester T

Find it here.

The Picture of Dorian Gray (or the T of the guy who made the painting)


Wilde fans, go here.

Pride & Prejudice

Darcy's House

If you want to walk around with the country estate of Fitzwilliam Darcy, go ahead.

The Great Gatsby

Great Gatsby Tank

If you feel like partying with style, you can find this here.

The Scarlet Letter

Scarlet Letter


For Hester Prynne fans.

Slaughterhouse Five

Slaughterhoue Five

To Kill a Mockingbird

Atticus Finch Shirt

You can find this Atticus Finch shirt here.

Charles Dickens T

If you’re a Dickens fans, go here.

Virginia Woolf Portrait

Virginia Woolf

For James Joyce Fans

Longest Word

Find it here.

A Room With a View

Honeycrunch T-Shirt

You can find it here.

Pale Fire (Vladimir Nabokov)

Pale Fire T

Find it here.

Hat Tip

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