Twitter Announces ‘Offers’ to Give You In-Store Discounts

As Twitter looks to make more of a profit, the social media company has now announced Twitter Offers to help them make money as consumers save it.

Twitter Offers

More of our shopping takes place online than ever before. But, although the Internet makes it easy to lay back and buy everything from an app, over 90% of commerce still takes place in-person at brick and mortar stores.

For Twitter that’s a scary stat. The company recently launched a purchase initiative which lets people buy products directly via tweets just by clicking on a ‘Buy’ button. The idea that plenty of people would still rather walk into a store and buy a product than buy it through a tweet is obviously of concern to them.

Twitter may have found a good way to appeal to brick and mortar shoppers though, having now announced Twitter Offers. According to the company, it’s a brand new way for us to get discounts and for brands to drum up business and customer loyalty.

How Twitter Offers works is that when a advertiser tweets an offer, we can claim it by connecting our credit or debit card with the website. Then, when we head in-store, we redeem the discount by paying with the card that we synced with our Twitter account.

For customers this is obviously hugely beneficial. Twitter Offers has already gone live at several retailers and food chains in time for the Black Fridays deals bonanza, meaning that this week is a good one for thrifty savers.

Meanwhile, this is good for Twitter too as they’ll now be able to prove that promoted tweets from advertisers directly impact sales, allowing them to get more advertisers as a result. It’s also being suggested that Twitter may charge per redeemed offer too, which will only further help the company turn around recent profit disappointments.

Source: Twitter

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