14 Stylish Pokemon Backpacks for Geeks

Admit it, it’s not easy to move on from the Pokemon GO! craze – the game that helped you have a pseudo-close encounter with the Pokemon characters and that which also probably made you familiarize almost all of them.

This craze also led to the existence of Pokemon apparel, which could complement your day-to-day getup. One of which is the Pokemon backpacks – a lot have been available in the market, which could reveal your taste and favorites in the Pokemon world. Even if you weren’t part of the Pokemon GO! crowd, I know you’d find it hard to resist these cutesy characters.

Orlesp Original Pokemon Go! Pattern Printed Bundle Rope Backpack

Simplicity is what this Pokemon rope backpack offers. But with a touch of your favorite Pokemon character, this becomes a perfect statement of your Pokemon geekiness. Choose from Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur and Horsea, or get all!

HotBB Pokemon Go Gengar Drawstring Backpack /Sack Bag

If you’re not much into plains, here’s a more exciting Pokemon backpack design that displays Gengar’s sinister laugh.

Pokemon Pikachu Deluxe 16″ Large Rolling Backpack With Lunchbox Bundle Yellow

Looking for that perfect Pokemon-inspired school bag for your kiddo? This might be the one: a yellow backpack designed with Pikachu’s cute jolly face. What makes it more fun is it can also be transformed into a stroller bag and it comes with a Pikachu lunch box as well. What a fun way to bring stuff to school, ain’t it?

Pokemon Trainer 17 Large Backpack Bag Flip Pack with 4-Pack Toys Bracelets

Here’s another Pokemon backpack for you Pokemon geeks, only that it’s not just a backpack, but a back-flip-bag. Why? That’s because this cool bag can be reversed and you can now have another bag with a totally different design: a Pokeball-designed bag on some days and a bag with collage of Pokemon characters.

Pokemon Boys’ Pokeball Plush Backpack

Of course, the list won’t be complete without a Pokeball backpack! This bag that follows the shape of the Pokeball is 12 inches and could be just right for some of the essentials of little boys.

BIOWORLD Pokemon Pokeball Backpack with Trainer Bag Charm

Or if you’re looking for something a bit bigger, here’s another Pokeball-inspired backpack from Bioworld that has four compartments, plus a trainer bag tag as a bonus!

Pokemon Squirtle Backpack

This may look like just a typical backpack in shape, until you see it’s design: a cute Squirtle face, what else? What’s even more nice is, the seller is offering custom orders like a request in bag size and Pokemon characters. So which Pokemon do want to have?

Pokemon Go! Team Valor/Mystic/Instinct School and Travel Backpack

Or get that Pokemon backpack that represents what team you’re on. This simple black backpack displays the classic Pokemon Go! design, plus the option to pick among logo designs of teams Valor, Mystic and Instinct.

KingMountain Pokemon Go! 3D Backpack for Kids

This will probably make you think: is this a backpack or a Pikachu toy? Well, it’s a backpack, well, this cute ears and limbs! Which means, this Pikachu backpack can actually work both ways. At 13x10x6 inches, this gives enough room for your toddlers’ things.

Pokemon Pastel Backpack with Pikachu Water Bottle

While this backpack has no ears and limbs, it gives a refreshing take, with your bag all covered with pastel-colored Pokemons. This Pokemon pastel backpack even comes with more things that prepares you for school: a Pikachu tumbler, a lanyard with Pokemon designs and a Pokeball-designed notebook!

Pokemon 16″ Comic Eevee Backpack, Pokeball Notebook & Eevee Water Bottle

Not into very light colors? This Evee backpack might just catch your attention – designed with Pokemon characters in action arranged like a comic strip. Isn’t it cute and colorful? But not only that, this spacious backpack does not just boast a wonderful design, it also comes with a water bottle and a notebook!

Pokemon Boys’ Charmander Plush Backpack

Here’s another cute plush toy-slash-backpack. If Charmader is your favorite Pokemon, this one’s for you. The good thing about this is, this is most likely bigger than the usual plush toys and can even serve as a bag. Cool, right?

Pokemon Pikachu Plush Backpack

Of course, the list won’t be complete without a Pikachu plush toy-backpack. Perfect for the kids and the kids at heart!

Snorlax Pokemon Backpack

Or you can let Snorlax lie and sleep on your back by getting this Snorlax backpack. This bag design offers an option to choose between a plush or a leather texture. Like Snorlax, this bag is pretty big at 20.4×16.5 in inches.