16 Ridiculously Unique and Geeky Wedding Bands For Men

Are you preparing to exchange vows with your significant other? This period between the engagement and your wedding day could probably be the most exciting yet stressful part for two people in a relationship. Before the wedding happens, it’s about time you start looking for geeky wedding bands for men that your significant other will love to wear for the span of your long and happy married life.

To make it extra special, instead of choosing a piece of plain silver jewelry, why not opt for one of these amazing 16 geeky wedding bands for men to make it more fashionable? More than a wedding ring, these geeky wedding bands would even speak your or your partner’s character.

To help you out in the process, we’ve put together the best geeky wedding bands for men that will make flaunting his marriage status extra unique. Take a look at them here:

1) NES Game Controller Wedding Band

No doubt any gamer would recognize this, this ring design takes us back to the early 90s design of the Nintendo Entertainment System. For someone who has been into games for most of his life, this unique wedding band can be a piece of perfect jewelry to wear to signify your marriage.

This geeky wedding ring is made of sterling silver, etched with the brick backdrop from the classic NES game we all loved — no less than Super Mario Bros. For additional accent, the controller’s A and B buttons were accented with ruby. Get these unique wedding bands for him here.

2) Pokeball-designed 14-karat gold wedding band

Just like how Ash chooses his favorite Pokemon, guys do, too, when they decide to settle down and marry their favorite girl.

The Pokeball wedding band is the perfect geeky wedding band for men whose appreciation for the Pokemon anime has not died. This 7-mm wide ring is made in 14-karats gold and can be in yellow, white or rose. It can also be made in solid sterling silver.

As a bonus, it has an “I choose you” engraving inside the ring. Get yours here.

3) Game of Thrones men’s 14k wedding band

Game of Thrones may have ended, but the fandom around this great series will probably never die. The show, which could be one of the best series by HBO, can now be remembered by soon-to-be-husbands, who are hardcore fans of the show.

Like most Game of Thrones fans, at some point, the soon-to-be mister must have rooted for Daenerys and her three dragons. If that is the case, it just makes this 14-karat gold geeky wedding band apt for him.

Made by a Game of Thrones fan, this ring offers intricate details made out of hand engraving and carving to form a three-dimensional dragon scales. Additional engraving can also be requested to add a personal touch to this unique wedding band.

4) Men’s Legend of Zelda wedding band with blue diamond

It’s undeniable that a lot of boys — or even adults — enjoyed the adventures from playing the Legend of Zelda on their NES. Just as how marriage is about unison, Legend of Zelda guy fans can be reunited with the triforce through this unique wedding band.

Centric to its design is the iconic Triforce logo. It is also topped with two round teal blue diamonds. Other stones, such as rubies, emeralds, or sapphires, can be used instead upon request. The wedding band, which is 7 mm wide and 1.5 mm thick, is carved from wax and is cast in recycled sterling silver metal. For added effect, choose either a brushed or polished finish.

5) Pixelated heart ring: silver geeky retro gamer wedding band or promise ring

Are you looking for a simple ring design that will show a man’s geeky gamer character? This pixelated heart ring might be the one you’re looking for. It encapsulates that vibe from those 90s video games we all once played through a simple pixelated heart design.

This unique wedding band for men is made in solid sterling silver, with a polished finish. The final output is a 7-mm wide and 2-mm thick ring that would manifest the geekiness in the groom.

6) Batman wedding ring

Batman is one of our classic superheroes. A lot of people have possibly followed his stories in comics, cartoon shows, and live-action movies. Having said that, it would not come as a surprise to find out that adult men could still be Batman geeks. For these men, this Batman wedding ring could be the perfect jewelry to celebrate marriage.

This unique wedding band for men is carved from wax and cast in recycled sterling silver metal. The result is a 7-mm wide and 1.5-mm thick ring, which can have a brushed or polished finish. But your Batman wedding ring here.

7) Super Mario Bros brick 14-karat gold wedding band

Who has not loved and enjoyed playing the Super Mario Bros game? It’s the classic NES game that most people have played at a certain point in their lives.

Super Mario games players have come across those bricks and the blocks in every stage. This geeky wedding band for men presents that style, with not only one, but three blocks integrated into its design.

Made in 14-karat gold, this Super Mario wedding ring can be in white, yellow or rose variant.

8) Valyrium: men’s moonstone ring from Path of Exile

Are you an avid player of role-playing games? Then, it’s likely that you have been a Path of Exile game geek (or perhaps you are marrying one).

This geeky wedding band for man is inspired from an item in the game — a unique moonstone ring called Valyrium. The maker has crafted a very close replica to the in-game look of the ring, with intricate designs through polished oxidized solid sterling silver. Central to the ring’s design is the 8×6 mm oval natural moonstone. Other stone options include black rutilated quartz, golden rutilated quartz, carnelian (red stone) and bloodstone (dark green with sparse red spots). Get yours here.

9) Vintage victorian scroll wedding band

If vintage is your style, this might be the men’s wedding band for you. This ring displays a victorian design in a satin or dome finish, for the true vintage feels.

Tungsten carbide and a solid 14-karat gold bezel make up this unique wedding band. As an addition, it is accented with a diamond or any stone of your choice. It can also be engraved with a special message or name. This one is one of my favorites of this the geeky Wedding bands for men list.

10) Player One: Please Press Start Wedding Band

You must have played tons of video games with your siblings and friends, or even your soon-to-be wife. This geeky wedding band signifies those times you were the “player one” when you played with or against a friend.

Simple but geeky, this geeky wedding band for men ring is made in solid 14-karat gold in a satin finish. The ring can also be made in yellow gold, rose gold or sterling silver upon request. While the outside looks plain, it can show the geeky gamer in its owner with the “player one” (or two) engraving inside. It also comes with simple chip design, to add to the gamer vibe.

11) Men’s ENGAGEment ring: Star Trek-inspired wedding band

Star Trek geeks could possibly find perfection with this ring. This 6-mm wide solid sterling silver ring in polished finish displays the star fleet emblem on the ring. The design also adds the word “engage” — a familiar Star Trek catchword. Engage also defines what the person who will wear this would become, making it one of the perfect geeky wedding bands for men out there.

This unique wedding band also comes in gold at a special request.

12) Stargate-inspired 14-karat wedding band

Remember Stargate? I bet it’s hard not to, especially for science fiction fans. It has pretty much been present for years and years since the late 90s.

But now, science fiction geeks can travel back in time to the Stargate memory lane with this 14-karat unique wedding band for men. The Stargate wedding ring is available in white gold, yellow gold and even rose gold, which is then cast into a solid piece to form the Stargate-looking portal.

13) It’s Dangerous to Go Alone: Legend of Zelda-inspired triforce wedding band

Do you remember the first moments of playing Legend of Zelda, before you turned into an actual geek of this game? A character in the early parts said: “it’s dangerous to go alone.”

Such as in life, spending it with a partner would make it more fun and inspiring. This geeky wedding band with the triforce design is simple yet geeky. It represents both your love for Legend of Zelda and appreciating the fact that you will not go alone after your marriage.

14) Own your fear bat ring: Batman-inspired wedding band

I bet Batman geeks have followed how the Batman logo has evolved through the years. Just as you may already know, this ring design represents the Dark Knight trilogy’s logo. And this geeky wedding band does not just come with one focal design but is nicely crafted with eight of them. Get your solid sterling silver Batman ring here.

15) Game of Thrones House of Stark wedding band

Most Games of Thrones fans have silently (or not) claimed their allegiance with one of the houses in the seven kingdoms. If you had been one of the loyal believers in the House of Stark, you can don this geeky wedding ring for men while you pledge your own loyalty and allegiance to your better half.

This House of Stark wedding ring is made of Tungsten and has an option to add letter engravings.

16) Engraved Super Mario Bros wedding ring

There’s no denying that we all enjoyed how we go through every level of the Mario Bros game to save the princess. Relive that cute Mario Bros with this geeky wedding ring, which displays an engraved design of the Mario Bros environment. Get yours here.

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