15 Awesome Toys From The Toy Fair 2012

The 109th American International Toy Fair concluded recently and left us with just one thought; growing up sucks! From spaceships to robots to action figures to even a Cyborg Fashion Photo Barbie (the mind-boggles), the Toy Fair didn’t disappoint as usual and made us lament our ‘grown-up’ self-being. So if you want to unleash the hidden kid inside you, maybe it is time to go for on a shopping spree at the neighborhood toy store and keep your eyes peeled for some of our favorite uber-cool toys, that debuted  on the Toy Fair.

Fruit Ninja Interactive Sensei Sword

If you have a smartphone, then you would be familiar with the kickass Fruit Ninja mobile game. Soon, a wireless Plug ‘N’ Play version of the game that can be hooked to a television screen will debut, and we for one can’t wait to slash some fruit with an actual physical sword.

Cyborg Fashion Photo Barbie

It is just not just boys who get to have all the fun. The Fashion Photo Barbie moonlights as a Barbie and as a digicam, since it has been equipped with a 5-megapixel camera. The the idea is to encourage photography among little girls.

The Oregon Scientific MEEP! Tablet

Tablets are the future (and the present), so introducing kids to this technology at a younger age, makes sense. The Android-based tablet for kids has a 7 inch display, Wi-Fi support, and enough parental controls. Geared for children aged six and up, the MEEP! tablet has been designed to be affordable and even resilient.

 The Sket Robo

Which kid or even adult, doesn’t dream of owning a robot? The Sket Robo will make its debut in 2013, but it is already creating a lot of buzz. The futuristic-looking robot is a modern day Van Gogh, since it can draw incredible sketches. A camera version of the Robit is also in the pipeline, so it can draw a picture of anything you want.

Hasbro Lazer Tag

Releasing in August, the Hasbro Lazer Tag creates a reality lazer tag gameplay, by hooking up to an iPhone or an iPod touch. Just download the Lazer Tag app, place the iOS device on a dock and play against virtual competitors.

“Star Wars” Science Force Glove

Harness the force  with the “Star Wars” Science Force Glove. The glove lets one pull and push athe included magnetic disk toward through magnetic attraction and repulsion.

The Boo Doll

The world’s cutest dog is so sweet that you may just get diabetes playing with it! Surprisingly lifelike, the Boo Doll is as cuddly and soft as the real thing.

Crayola Digital Light Designer

This digital drawing board comes with a light pen, and the idea here is to encourage children to crate drawings with special effects and animations on a 360-degree domed drawing surface.

Hasbro Monopoly zAPPed

We all have grown up playing Monopoly, and now this iconic board game has gone digital. The next generation Monopoly board game comes with debit cards! An app tracks all the players account balances and the use of digital money is a great way to give a makeover to this classic game.

iCade 8-Bitty

Enjoy all the 8-bit action you can handle on the go. The eight-button controller has wireless capabilities and supports most iCADE retro game apps, like the Atari Classics collection and good old Pac-Man.

LEGO Lord of the Rings

LEGO+Lord of the Rings = EPIC! The Lord of the Rings-branded LEGO will debut in June and is based on all three installments of the trilogy.

Ravensburger AR Puzzles

The Augmented Reality line of interactive puzzle by Ravensburger interact with a free iOS app that  utilizes the camera function of the iPhone or iPad 2 to animate the scene. The Augmented Reality collection of four, 1,000-pc puzzles combine traditional puzzle play with a digital component.

Physical Apps TheO

The TheO lets you play ball with your phone without damaging it. The foam ball smartphone accessory takes advantage of the in-built accelerometer, so that you can indulge in some physical gameplay like hot potato and bowling.

Razor Vapor Delta 500

Replicate a paint-ball experience at home without the mess. The Razor Vapor Delta 500 can shoot water-based gel ammo to a distance of up to 80 feet and the ammo has been designed to explode on impact and dry quickly without leaving any marks.

The Solowheel

This self-balancing unicycle claims to be the “smallest, greenest, most convenient People Mover  ever invented.” The gyro-stabilized electric unicycle sure looks to be both fun and functional