15 Back to School Star Wars Backpacks

Back to school season is fast approaching! And what’s the most important item on your kids’ checklist in preparation for going back to school? I’d bet, for most kids, they’re looking forward to their parents to buy them new bags, right?¬†Spoil your kids with a cool bag a little as means of inspiring them to do their best in school.

So if your kids have inherited your interest in anything Star Wars or just if you want to introduce them to the Star Wars galaxy, this is the blog post for you. Take a look at some of the nicest Star Wars back packs we have spotted:

Star Wars Boys’ Millennium Falcon 16-inch Backpack

You can’t ride on the Millennium Falcon to school, but at least you can wear a Millennium Falcon, or at least what is shaped like one.

Star Wars R2D2 Faux Leather Backpack

A list of Star Wars merchandise will not be complete without the droids we love.So here’s an R2-D2 leather backpack that you can pick as your next school backpack.

Star Wars Episode VII New Droid Bb8 16-inch Backpack with Lights and Sound

Like the relatively-new droid that is BB-8, this back is techy and cool, too! This bag lights up and creates sounds like BB-8 does.

R2D2 BB-8 I Am Your Father Children Stylish Backpack

Or get both droids in one bag with this cool and funny design.

Loungefly Darth Vader 3D Molded Nylon Backpack

Or you can also carry the head of Darth Vader on your back!

Disney Star Wars Stormtrooper Moulded Backpack

And a stormtrooper, too!

Star Wars Ep7 16-Inch Backpack Plain Front with Kylo Ren

Also, here’s another bag with the new-generation Star Wars cast, Kylo Ren, with the Stormtroopers. Someone your kids could relate to.

Star Wars Classic Pastel Stickers Mini Faux Backpack by Loungefly

Looking for a funky-looking Star Wars backpack? Here’s the bag for you!

LEGO Star Wars The Complete Saga School Backpack Bag

Or perhaps, have this bag with a LEGO version of the Star Wars cast designed on it.

Star Wars Quote Luke Skywalker Rucksack Backpack with Leather Straps

Not a fan of too much print? Here’s a simple black rucksack backpack that gives warning to those walking behind you: “I am a Jedi.”

Star Wars Galactic Empire Vintage Canvas Rucksack Backpack with Leather Straps

Or here’s another canvas rucksack backpack with the Galactic Empire emblem for the teenagers preparing to go back to school.

Star Wars AT-AT Pilot Backpack

Let your kid pretend to be one of the AT-AT pilots by buying him this bag.

Star Wars Rebel Alliance Backpack

Or own this bag and pose yourself as a member of the Rebel Alliance.

Star Wars Boys’ Disney Chew Bacca 3D Plush Furry Arms and Legs 16-inch Backpack

Everyone adores Chewbacca! Definitely, this is a bag that would be envied by your schoolmates. Plus, it can serve as a huggable stuffed toy, too!

Star Wars Remix Kids Arch Backpack Rucksack With Pocket Blue

Or let your kiddo wear a cute Star Wars backpack with the kid-looking Star Wars cast!