15 Best LG G5 Cases

The latest phone in the G Series LG G5 is coming out next month and it’s a great time to get ready for it, since no phone is complete without a good case.

15 Best LG G5 Cases

If you’re planning to buy the new LG G5 this list can be helpful .In it you’ll find all the newest and best LG G5 2016 cases. Please note that some will be in stock only a few days from now, but still you should explore and browse through all of them to see which one is the best one for you.

We tried to diversify the types of cases so you’ll have enough of a range to choose from. So if you prefer a wallet case or just a simple, “clean” one I’m sure you’ll be able to find something that you like on here.

LG G5 Scratch-Resistant Clear Case


2016 LG G5 Case Scratch-Resistant Clear back Cover

Sometimes all you really need is a simple case that will protect your new phone. This clear case comes in 5 clear colors giving your phone a simple and light look. Available for $15.99.

LG G5 Bumper Case

LG G5 Bumper Case  2016

Bumper cases are a very popular choice and usually are the first to go out of stock. This bumper case will provide good protection for your phone without any bulkiness. The bumper will cover all four corners and keep the screen from scratching or touching the ground thanks to it’s TPU lip raised edges. Available for $19.99.

Transparent Silicone TPU Case for LG G5

Transparent Silicone TPU Case for LG G5 2016

When you buy this case you actually get 2 for price of 1. The LG G5 is considered as one of the best looking phones and with this case you can show off it’s natural beauty 🙂 Available for $6.98.

OBLIQ LG G5 Kickstand Case

LG G5 Bumper Case 2016

This case comes with a Kickstand so you can make the most of your 4K Screen. The case is available in 4 different colors and retails for $14.99.

LG G5 Case Rugged Holster

LG G5 Case Rugged Holster

For those who prefer the sporty kind of look, this case is for you. It’s especially built for heavy use, and perfect for the outdoors. It comes in 3 colors and is available $9.99.

LG G5 Slim Bumper Case 

LG G5  Shock Absorbing Ultra Slim Bumper 2016

This bumper is made out of TPU and will give your phone a soft look while adding some touches of color. This case comes in 11 different colors so you have plenty to choose from. Available for $7.99.

LG G5 Ultra-Thin Hard Skin case 2016

LG G5 Ultra Thin Hard Skin case 2016

If you are prefer the slick looking case, this Ultra-thin and lightweight case fits your needs. It’s designed is a way that it doesn’t overshadow the original look of LG G5. Available for $9.99.

LG G5  Spigen® Wallet S Case

LG G5 Case Spigen® Wallet S 2016

For those who are looking an overall case; a case that will protect their phone while also providing some storage and a wallet this case answers the call. You can get it here.

LG G5 Case Armor Hybrid Silicone

LG G5 Case Armor Hybrid Silicone

If the colorful look is what you’re into, or you’re just on the lookout for a fun looking case, perhaps this case is for you. Available in 45 different styles, this case is designed to add a splash of color and a bit of vibrancy to your phone. Available for $7.99.

LG G5 Leather Premium Wallet Case

LG G5 2016 Genuine Leather Premium Wallet Case

For those like the more sophisticated look, this 100% authentic leather can be the end and answer to your search. Available for $49.99

LG G5 Case Built-In Screen Protector

LG G5 Case Built-In Screen Protector for LG G5

With it’s thoughtfully placed side grip textures this case enhances your grip and reduces the chances of you dropping it. Available for $12.95.

LG G5 Textured Grip Case

LG G5 Textured Grip Cover Shock Proof .jpg

This case has a unique elegance, mostly thanks to its appealing texture that adds a dynamic interest which contrasts beautifully with the smooth bumper. Available for $15.99.

LG G5  Rugged Dual Layer Armor Case

LG G5 Case Rugged Dual Layer Armor

TPU+PC Hard plastic case outside and soft rubber gel silicone skin inside adds comfort and an additional layer of protection. Starting at just $3.50.

LG G5 Leather Credit Card Wallet  & Flip Book Case

LG G5 Case Hybrid Leather Credit Card Wallet Flip Book Style

For a more fun and artsy look this leather credit card wallet & flip book case can be a good choice. Available for $7.99.

LG G5  Belt Clip Holster Case

2016 LG G5 Case Belt Clip Holster

This holster case will serve those who are looking for functionality in their case. It has a 180 degrees turning swivel so you can hook it vertically or horizontally on your belt. Available for $8.99.

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