LG G5 : Rumors and possible design

Mobile World Congress 2016 is about to start, and so we start seeing different leaks and concepts for new smartphones around the web. All of these are meant to come up at one point or the other throughout the conference, but the LG G5 we are featuring today is different and special for it is one of the most awaited of them all. Here comes, straight from the designer Vuk Nemanja Zoraja’s mind.



Whenever Mobile World Congress draws near several leaks and proof of concept start showing up featuring some of the devices to be shown at the event itself, and many times the concepts end up being showing the exact features of the products. One of the most awaited designs this year is the LG G5, featuring what looks like a very different and innovative design compared to what we usually see from the Korean brand. It is worth nothing that it does sport some similarities to the most recent iPhones, so we can see some stainless steel covering the smartphone’s sides as a frame. In the back we can see a protecting glass to what looks like the area where the camera will be, but it also keeps the colored leather covers users have grown used to. Users can see at simple glance that they are going for a more elegant design, similar to what they did with the G5. From what we understood based on LG’s comments about the G5, they are preparing a smartphone to compete directly with the much-touted Samsung Galaxy S7.


Based on the rumors going around the web, it would seem that LG are preparing something that would top the impact the G3 and G4 had, and some rumors even speak about the possibility of a completely metallic frame. Other sources also point out it might sport a 5.6 inches QHD screen with a 2560 X 1440 pixels resolution. The brain behind this smartphone is going to be the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 64 bits, featuring an Adreno 530 video chip. When it comes to the cameras, it will feature a frontal 8 MP one for big selfies and video conference in high quality, along with a back camera sporting impressive 16 MPs. This concept also shows a USB Type-C port and speakers.

All rumors aside, it is confirmed that we are going to see LG’s new smartphones at Mobile World Congress, and that the LG G5 is going to be among them. We probably don’t need official confirmation that the Korean giant is going to surprise and amaze everyone in it.

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