15 Most Insane X-Rays Known to Man

‘A million to one shot doc, a million to one.’ If you were ever a Seinfeld fan, you know that line by Frank Costanza. Years go by, and people still manage to somehow lodge objects into their bodies. In other cases those objects are forced into them, and later show up in hilarious X-Rays, gained through a lot of pain, luckily of others.

Someone who stepped on a Fork

Spear to the Skull

Not someone from 300, but a 16 year old kid who had a friend load a spear-gun in front of him, mishandle the device and send his pal to the hospital.

Nail Gun Mishap

A Chinese man who was shot in the head with a powerful nail gun.

Vintage Bullet Shot

This one dates back to the Boer war from over 100 years ago, and a soldier suffering from a gunshot wound, with a bullet lodged between the big and second toes.

Intestine Surprises

A colored X-Ray this time of someone who swallowed different objects, including a spoon and a blade.

Un-Safety Pin

A woman accidently swallowed a safety pin, with the X-Ray showing it stuck in her esophagus.

Razor Blade Accident

A straight razor and razor blades stuck in the abdomen of a patient who couldn’t hold back on his hunger.

The Forgotten Scissors

A famous case of a pair of scissors forgotten inside a woman while she was being operated on. The fault was discovered only after 18 months, when the women returned to a hospital, complaining of pain in her stomach.

Nail Gun Strikes Again

Again, someone messing around with a nail gun too close to his face, sending it straight up into his face. He didn’t even realize he had been shot until 6 days later when the four-inch nail was discovered, which is pretty hard to comprehend.

Intimate Cell Phone

I wonder what the reception like is in there.

Knife to the Head – Boy Survives!!!

And more people who shouldn’t be playing with knives

A butter knife hurts just as much when it’s lodged into your face.

A Grenade?!

A prisoner with a live grenade lodged into his face.

Pepsi Commercial

A Pepsi bottle stuck in someone’s ass.