Best Fitness Watch Bands For Workouts

Getting the best Fitness watch bands were expensive back when they were first introduced. But with fitness and health gaining a serious position in the lives of people, manufacturers have made many affordable alternatives without making many compromises. Most fitness watch bands are to be worn on the wrist, but there are bands which can be worn on your ankle or your arms. If you’re serious about getting fit and it is one of your New Year Resolutions, then get one of these 8 Best Fitness Bands of 2017!

Fitbit Charge 2


This might be the most popular fitness band on the planet right now. It tracks a ton of parameters and is not very expensive. The downside to the Fitbit Charge 2 is that it is not waterproof and doesn’t have GPS. This might not be a deal breaker, but is by far the only negatives that I can find with this one. The best thing about the Fitbit Charge 2 is that it has an always-on heart rate sensor. The OLED display doesn’t show a lot of information but is extremely visible and sharp. Another great thing about the Fitbit fitness bands is the overall ecosystem provided by them. It is one of the best communities to be a part of. Battery life is also great at around five days.

Fitbit Surge


Fitbit Surge is larger and much chunkier than the Charge 2. It is the only Fitbit fitness band to come with GPS enabled. There is an always-on display with all the other features of the Charge 2. It is still not waterproof, and you cannot wear it while you’re swimming or take a shower. The Fitbit ecosystem is amazing and is one of the largest out there. The Surge is slightly disappointing when it comes to tracking heart rate data, and it’ll be apt for people who are just into running.

Fitbit Flex 2


The Flex 2 is best for people who don’t want a lot of parameters to be tracked. It doesn’t have a display and is just a simple fitness watch band. The best thing about the Flex 2 is that it is swim-proof. That is the sole reason why it is on the list of 8 Best Fitness Bands of 2017. It can track your swimming and other basic activities. The Flex 2 is also an attractive option due to the fact that it supports a lot of accessories.

Samsung Gear Fit2


The Gear Fit2 looks more like a smartwatch than a fitness band. It has some powerful hardware and the display is just mesmerizing. The Gear Fit2 comes with a 1.5-inch display that sports a resolution of 432×128 pixels for a massive pixel density of 322 ppi. The display also has Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection. Except the heart rate tracking, both the activity and fitness tracking is pretty accurate. This one from Samsung is highly recommended for its looks and functionality. Too bad there isn’t a steampunk version of that watch.

Garmin Vivoactive


The first thing that you might say when you see the Vivoactive is, “Oh my God, it’s big!” The Vivoactive from Garmin has a boring design, to be honest, and comes with a large display that might look extremely weird on small hands. But keeping that negative aside, it is undoubtedly one of the 8 Best Fitness Bands of 2017. It can track a lot of activities with razor sharp precision and the large display helps in providing accurate and extensive notifications. The display could’ve been slightly brighter and crisper, but this can be overlooked.

Garmin Forerunner 735XT


This is another highly recommended fitness band and is extremely popular among fitness enthusiasts. The Forerunner 735XT is expensive, I admit, but for the price you pay, you get some cool features. There are a few cheaper alternatives that outperform this one, but it still is a great fitness band. This one is very easy on the hand and is waterproof and comes with GPS enabled. There is an optical heart rate sensor, all-day tracking, and a multisport mode.

Microsoft Band 2


The Band 2 is worlds apart compared to its predecessor, but it is still missing quite a few things. The unnecessary Golf feature looks out of place and performs horribly. The Band 2 is not waterproof and the design might take some time to get used to. Apart from the negatives mentioned above the Band 2 fitness watch band performs well thanks to the smartwatch-like features and support for multiple sports. It also has accurate GPS tracking and a praiseworthy display.

Jawbone UP3


The UP3 was marketed as a great product by Jawbone but when it was launched, there were a few problems that plagued it. It is still one of the 8 Best Fitness Bands of 2017, thanks to the cool design, accurate step tracking and long battery life. The Jawbone app is also pretty slick offering some intuitive options and features. The downside is that you don’t get a display and it is only splash-proof. It goes well with the accessories on your wrist and can complement your outfit better than the other bands. If you also looking for some star wars watches or great sport gadgets to improve your game we got you covered.