3D-Printed RC Transforming Robot Enters Limited Production

The creation of Brave Robotics is not entirely 3D-printed, but the way it transforms from a robot to a vehicle and the other way around will surely compensate for that.

If you’ve watched any of the movies from the Transformers franchise, then you should be familiar with the concept of transforming robots. Of course, in those movies, the transitions from robots to vehicles is made via special effects and CGI. Brave Robotics‘ product, though, is as real as it gets, and according to its designers, it will enter limited production quite soon. What makes this robot special is the fact that users do not have to touch it at all, as it transforms on its own, as soon as the command is sent wirelessly.

Speaking of commands, the Brave Robotics transformer robot is not controlled via a classic remote control. Instead, people only need to install the robot’s companion apps on such mobile devices as Apple’s iPad. Also on the iPad, the users will be able to watch the video stream captured by the robot’s Wi-Fi camera.

As seen in the following video, the transformer robot reached version 7.2. It comes in a bulky suitcase, but considering that it is built at a scale of 1:12, that should not surprise anyone. The demonstration in the following clip is made with a wireless gaming controller similar to the ones that come with the PS3.

I wonder if any of the world’s car manufacturers will pick Brave Robotics’ idea and come with a brushed-up, full scale transforming robot. I imagine being difficult to implement some sort of cockpit, but some of the cartoons I watched as a child featured such designs. And no, I’m not talking about the Transformers.

At the moment, the price of the Brave Robotics transformer robot is unknown. All the company stated is that the robot is now in the limited production development stage. We can only hope that it will soon be available worldwide, and that at an affordable price, if possible. An alternative to that would be to make public the schematics of the 3D printed shell, so that owners of MakerBot and other such products attempt to make at home at least a part of the transforming robot. Still, this is an alternative that we can only dream of, since no company is willing to give up profit, especially when it is certain.

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