Kenji Ishida’s Transforming Radio Controlled Car

A Japanese robotics expert unveils a fantastic transforming RC car.

Transformer Version8 Image 1

Since the first wave of Transformers landed on toy shelves in the mid-1980’s, I’m sure the thought of a self-transforming Optimus Prime or Megatron was an impossible dream to many a fan of the popular Hasbro robots back in the hey-day. That dream, of course, is now a possibility thanks to robotic geniuses like the one featured in today’s post, but only to an extent.

Introducing then, Kenji Ishida’s transforming radio controlled car, the Transformer Version8 (that’s the name I grabbed off the video, not his). It too is “more than meets the eye” and can change from flashy red roadster to fierce-looking mech, but amazingly without so much a hiccup in around 15 seconds. The only thing missing is the transforming sound from the cartoon. Sadly, you’ll have to provide your own; oh, oh, here’s mine, chi-kuh-chi-kuh-chi-kuh…

Twenty-two servo motors were used by Ishida in his robo-creation, and its those individual parts – top notch ones I should add – working in seamless unison that enable the Version8 to switch so proficiently. This even allows for it to stretch out its cyber-limbs like a karate-punching master. If that karate master waddled like a south pole penguin in battle and could change inexplicably into a car.

Transformer Version8 Art Mock Up Image

Background: Kenji Ishida is a graduate from the Kanazawa Institute of Technology, although he did take a semester of robotics at University of Indiana. During his free-time back home, Ishida worked tirelessly on his transforming car project for about four-years, but he’s not stopping here. He’s planning on releasing the ninth version his robot next month, which is promised to be even better.

Even better?! Unless the voice of Peter Cullen, Optimus Prime’s voice since forever,  comes out of that robot’s mouth, I really don’t know how Kenji Ishida could improve on this kick-ass robot. Although, I’m oh so willing to be proven wrong. Godspeed, Mr. Ishida!

I super hope at some point, someone is tackling the Beast Wars set of Transformers. Maybe they could use these mechanical animals as a foundation? That would be great! Let’s believe it’s getting done as we speak, and in the meanwhile fall in love with this Tokyoflash concept watch, right here on Walyou.