Trimensional 3D Scanner iPhone App?

iPhone apps are a dime a dozen (alright, a bit more expensive than that, usually) but there are plenty of diamonds in the rough to be found. We’ve discussed some before, such as the iPhone Grill Temperature Monitor, but this 3D scanning app is particularly amazing. Dubbed the Trimensional, this application was designed by Grant Schindler and allows users to take 3-dimensional scans using their iPhone 4 or newer iPod touch. There are a few catches, the main one being that it has to be done in complete darkness, so keep that in mind before you try showing it off at a party. Once you’re in the right setting, simply ‘pose’ your face for the camera and take a photo with the app. It will flash light on your face from different directions while taking a photo, then combine them into a 3-dimensional image that can be manipulated or even printed in a 3D printer.

Trimensional 3D Scanning App

Trimensional 3D Printed Result

It’s a bit limited in its capabilities, but it’s really more than one would expect from an iPhone. The tiltable 3D image reminds me of Mario’s face on the Super Mario 64 opening screen. In the example photo that the creator takes with his mouth open, the resulting 3D object is also rather “Han Solo in carbonite.” Expand something like this into perhaps a Kinect hack able to image the whole body and one could possibly have their own carbonite-encased self. Going back toward the application’s current abilities, though, taking 3-dimensional photos of objects to print out could be an easy way to show others the physical intricacies that a simple photographic image can’t convey. Whatever your reasons, it’s a fun little app that serves as a way to make your own 3-dimensional images without the use of an actual 3D camera. Check out similar fun with this Working 3D Printed Tricycle or a Concept 3D DSLR Camera.