Samsung Consolar HD3 Concept

Concept creator Joseph Dumary is at it again, creating another great concept idea … this time for mobile gaming. Dubbed the Samsung Consolar HD3, Dumary’s creation looks very promising for those who like to take the games and media on the go.

As a hardcore gamer, I can always appreciate new gaming systems. This device, though, is much more than that. It will utilize the Android market in order to download and use apps in it’s Android interface. Within it’s 250GB internal memory (as well as cloud saving), users will be able to not only download over 2000 games, but also useful apps such as GPS (allowing users to enter high precision localization, and also “follow” your contacts on a real time map using the MAPlayers zone app). Developers will be able to take use of a gyroscope, accelerometer, as well as a light sensor, a 16:9 full HD Amoled Multi touch screen, the classic 4 directional buttons (up, down, left, and right), as well as 2 analog sticks, and a touch Crosspad for the ultimate amount of control. The Fingerprint R technology allows the device to identify a player’s profile and style of play, allowing multiple users to save preference profiles.

For media options, the Consolar offers a range of amazing options; Built-in Dolby Mobile Device HD Stereo Speakers and HD Microphone, a front camera with 8MP HD and 12MP rear camera with all the usual camera specs (a face detector, smile, and zoom), and a set of “M.I.S.S” touch buttons, which are buttons that take you to Media, I+, Select, and Start, which will all vibrate when pressed and also be illuminated when the device is on/active. One of my personal favorites is the Swin’ Bar, which will allow the user to access all the contents, Volume, 3D effects, and camera settings that the device has to offer.

For connectivity, the Consolar offers mobile network connectivity: 4G, Bluetooth 2.1, WiMax, ConsolorR Mode, DLNA, DP Connect Technology 4.0. DP connect is a feature that Dumary has included on his Xbox Dream concept, allowing users to connect to TVs wirelessly in full HD. Using more wireless technology, Visio Garmin will make an appearance on the device, which allows users to view what their friends are doing and also play with them as well! When you’re not playing with your friends, you can chat with them by text, with a Bluetooth headset, and also see your notifications when you are playing, share your media (videos, photos,or others) with friends, and download Movies in 3D. Yes, this device has all of the features a user would need, and it even supports multi-tasking.

The Consolar is an amazing device. One feature that really gets me excited is the built-in inductive charging, allowing users to charge the device without a cord, but by simply placing it on a mat to charge. Don’t get me wrong though, all of these features are great, and the fact that you can sync it all with your Android phone is even better. As an avid Android fan, I love the ability to sync with so many different services.

This device is something that I am looking forward to. Yes, it has a lot of features, and in my opinion it has every single feature that one would need; I myself cannot think of a single thing that it is missing. I can only hope to see this device become more than just a concept, as I would love to have one of my own.

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