7 Best Tea & Coffee Strainer Bottles

With people being on the go all the time – to work, working out or travelling, you need a quality container to take care of your drink. Not just to keep you hydrated, but simply because we demand more from the things that accompany us: More functionality, healthier and more versatile. These travel mugs fit the criteria by being a lot more than just that.

Best Tea & Coffee Strainer Bottles

Stainless Steel & Bamboo Tea Infuser Travel Mug

Best Coffee Strainer Bottle

One of the finest, healthiest travel mugs you’ll ever see, it’s a combination of stainless steel and 100% natural bamboo, resulting in a slick design but more importantly – fantastically functional. Not leaks and a double walled vacuum to keep drinks hot or cold for up to 8 hours. It’s available on Amazon.

T-Free Tea & Coffee Strainer Bottle

Best Coffee Strainer Bottle 1

The T-Free Tea, Coffee Strainer Bottle has a filter integrated into the cap of the bottle, which means you can store your drink like a thermos while also brewing the tea or coffee. It’s both stylish and has that tempting all-in-one usefulness to it. It’s available for $39.

Nalu Sun Tea,Fruit& Coffee Infuser

Best Coffee Strainer Bottle 2

The NALU SUN tea tumbler, coffee maker and fruit infuser is making you like it by being plastic-less (healthier, trust us) and if healthy isn’t enough, it’s also fantastic looking, making you want to brew yourself a hot or cold drink even when you’re not that thirsty. Available on Amazon.

UEndure Tea Glass Bottle Infuser 

Best Coffee Strainer Bottle 3

The UEndure travel mug is a glass tea infuser with a double walled tumbler with metal twist off lids and a stainless steel strainer. It’s simple looking but that’s part of its charm, not to mention the simplicity of cleaning it is a real plus. It’s available on Amazon.

 Tea Infuser 28 Ounce

Best Coffee Strainer Bottle 4

Just the picture alone makes you think of some tropical vacation with beautiful, juicy fruit making their way to your small table on the beach all ready to be gobbled up while someone makes the juice right in front of you. So you’re not on vacation, but you can enjoy the same fruit-experience which is easy to use and makes things taste great once the process is complete. Available on Amazon.

VidaKai Fruit & Loose Leaf Tea Infuser Water Bottle 

Best Coffee Strainer Bottle 6

Water bottle and tea infuser in one brilliant design, the VidaKai tea infuser is shatterproof and certified to handle temperatures of up to 225°F with durable Neoprene sleeve. It’s available on Amazon.

Pijio Tea Infuser

Best Coffee Strainer Bottle 7The Pijo Tea Infuser is also a cold brew coffee maker and great activity water bottle as well. The Borosilicate glass is thermal shock resistant and strong and durable, not breaking if you drop it. It’s available on Amazon.

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