FTW! Space Invaders Tatami Rug

Once upon a time, there was a video game probably more famous for its arcade version called Space Invaders. Years later, it remains a highly addictive creation that looks great on a number of items, including a wonderful Space Invaders rug.

Space Invaders Tatami Rug  2

As someone who is a big fan of the game (I was born four years after it came out) who played it before his fourth birthday on his Commodore 64, it was only natural for me to, at some point in my life, decorate my room by putting Space Invaders stickers all over the wall.

And the Space Invaders Tatami rug fills up the same hole in the soul for anyone else who loves the game, maybe for its playability or possibly for the design and chic of it all, looking futuristic and nostalgic with a strong retro vibe all at once.

Space Invaders Tatami Rug

Unless you have a pet or infant, both likely to throw up on the rug on a weekly (or daily) basis, this is a perfect way to declare to the world you’re a fan of the game, or simply appreciate some of its greatness. The rug, which comes with a red, white or black background (screen color if it sits better with your imagination) simply looks great. It’s not just to impress people who know their s*** when it comes to classic video games.

If you’ve fallen in-love with this rug (and it’s hard not to), it’s available for $232.

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