The Best Smartwatches For Kids

The exposure to technology begins at a very young age these days, so why not use it to our benefit? There are some fantastic Smartwatches for children that help both the parents track activity and locations of their children, while the kids get to wear something cool, fun and educational.

Best Smartwatches For Kids

Here are the finest products we could round up for you to be impressed with.

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch

best VTech smartwatch for kidsThe VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch is the ideal touchscreen entertainment and educational system for kids from the age of 4 up to 7. It can take photos of up to 0.3 megapixels, has digital and analog displays with more than 50 clock face designs. has a voice recorder with five wacky voice-changing effects and comes with 4 learning games, although you can download more through VTech’ s Learning Lodge. It’s Available on Amazon.

Gameband for Minecraft

best smartwatch for kids Gameband for MinecraftThe Minecraft gameband allows the wearer to play the game on any computer while wearing it with their own mods and worlds that were designed on the home computer. It has an automatic backup to the entire Minecraft folder. The Game band is customizable to showcase messages, images and animation on the LED display. It’s available on Amazon.

LeapFrog LeapBand

best tracker smarteatch for kids LeapFrog LeapBand

The LeapFrog LeapBand is a very useful activity tracker made for kids, coming with 50 preloaded activities for kids like a mini game “Pounce the Lion”. Through the LeapFrog connect parents can set play times, challenges and more to control the activities. For those worried about their children becoming couch potatoes, it’s a perfect way to track their activity levels and motivate them into that. It’s available on Amazon.

Orbo Kids Smartwatch

Orbo Kids Smartwatch

The Orbo kids Smartwatch does a wonderful job of being a fun watch for small children and teach them a little bit about telling time. It has a built-in camera, talking hippo, time master and other fun, stimulating activities that teaches your kids about time, gives them an early learning experience and provides it with quite a lot of fun. There’s a penguin time master to read out the hours and minutes aloud and 15 other different activities. It’s available on Amazon.

FiLIP 2 Smart Locator

best smartwatch for kids FiLIP 2 Smart Locator

The FiLip 2 Smart is nice and clever locator with voice for kids, which gives parents the ability to give their children some freedom without being worried about where they are. The FiLip allows five predetermined numbers to call and receive calls from it, while also providing an app to view location information, set alerts, and send one-way text messages to their child. It’s available on Amazon.


best smartwatch for kids hereofamily

The hereO is a GPS watch for kids, and the world’s smallest real-time cellular-connected GPS tracking device. It allows to check current locations of the wearer, receive notifications of when they arrive and leave specific locations, sends an immediate alert and exact location to all family members when a panic alert is triggered and allows to send messages to all family members with a single click. For big families it’s one of the more comfortable solutions to keeping track of everyone. You can preorder here.

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