10 Awesome 8-Bit Accessories

The world is moving forward and backwards at the same time. We’re getting more innovative (some of us at least), but in the same time, we’re blending in more things and concepts from the past. We have 3D TV’s and an XBOX 720 will be coming out one day, but fashion has never looked so good and geeky like it does in 8-bit.

Pixel Towel

Makes you think she’s naked and censored, right?

Pixelated Glasses

Designed by SAMAL, if you felt you didn’t quite have the geeky-hipster look quite right till now, no need to worry anymore.

Complete 8-Bit Look

If you buy a 8-bit t-shirt, you gotta pixelate your face as well, right?

8-Bit Wigs

For girls who feel the need to wear a Lego Hat when they’re outside.

8-Bit Tie

There are plenty ways to go with a geeky tie, but 8-bit is definitely the best of ’em.

8-Bit Feet-Wear

Like someone played Minecraft on those babies.

8-Bit Watch

Looking at your watch and seeing the 1980’s again makes you feel all retro inside.

8-Bit Dress

8-Bit Coaster

Your mom may think that you spilled something on her precious rug, but even she’ll realize what a great asset these 8-bit coasters are. Even old, out of touch fogies love thinking they’re ”in”.