Triforce Jewelry Set From Fortesgospel

The Legend of Zelda’s mighty Triforce done as a beautiful jewelry set by Sprite Stitch forum member, Fortesgospel.

Triforce medallion by Fortesgospel Image

How would you like the gifts of wisdom, courage, and power as a stylish last touch to your everyday ensemble? Minus the whole actual gift bestowing thing, of course. Well, soon enough friends, you might get that wish. Not a real wish per say or anything like that… oh, you get what I’m saying for Pete’s sake.

Check it out, a lovely jewelry set based on the scared Triforce from The Legend of Zelda series by Nintendo. The three piece set – made from solid brass – was created by Sprite Stitch forum member Fortesgospel, and while you won’t be able to summon a dimension into the Sacred Realm or get your wish granted, you’ll at least look cool wherever you go.

Lets first examine the above fine medallion (yeah, I sound like one of those Shop Channel dopes trying to sell you a blender; leave me alone!), which has a nifty roman-coin feel to it, and is stamped with an image of the Triforce itself, along with the words “wisdom, courage, and power.” Because, duh, its what each individual triangle represent.

And next, we’ve got the earrings, which are a lot more modest than the necklace (only the Triforce is to be found here), yet still flashy enough to draw attention from the casual observer every now and then – if that’s your aim.

Triforce earrings by Fortesgospel Image

Finally, the set is concluded with the bracelet. Geeze, take a good gander at that sweet craftsmanship by Fortesgospel; the two studs on each side of the panel are quite nice touch, and how did they manage to reprint that crest? It looks so spot on.

Triforce bracelet by Fortesgospel Image

Already, the necklace in this collection has been snatched up faster than an exploding Dodongo, but the rest is still up for sale through the Sprite Stitch forum. If your interested, be sure to hit them up. Just don’t haste my boy, because once they’re gone, they might be gone for good.

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