A collection of geeky Valentine’s day T-shirts

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and we for one have had enough of flowers. But even if you like them, nothing says you can’t throw a shirt on top.

Geeky Valentine's day shirts 1


These designs come straight from the NeatoShop, all from different artists. They are a new way in which you can still do something special for Valentine’s day without having to give flowers like every other year. You should still consider the chocolate, though, that is always a must.

Geeky Valentine's day shirts 3

Geeky Valentine's day shirts 4

While we have only picked a few designs here, the shop features many more with characters ranging from Attack on Titan and Family Guy to classics such as Beetlejuice and Star Wars. And while some of these shirts might be a bit tacky for use outside of a Valentine’s day celebration with cute gifts, most of these designs are pretty incredible on their own so be sure to check out what they have to offer.

Geeky Valentine's day shirts 5

Geeky Valentine's day shirts 2

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