20 Fantastic A Song of Ice and Fire Maps

For anyone who really dives into a fantasy series and immerses himself/herself in the world unfolding through the pages, maps of past and present make a big difference in the perception of the depth of the storytelling. There are maps in the A Song of Ice and Fire books (Game of Thrones), but that’s not enough.

Fans and artists have made maps of the Planetos, mostly of Westeros and Essos. Of past events like how wars and invasions changed the political landscape, and of how things currently stand as we keep waiting for The Winds of Winter to be released. Until George RR Martin finally finishes with the sixth book of the series, we’ll have these to glance over.

The Seven Kingdoms Map (Sigils)

7 Kingdoms

Full size map

Travel Map of Major Characters

Travel Map GOT

Full size map

Bannermen Borders Maps (Not 100% Accurate)

Crownlands borders Stormlands borders The north borders Westerlands borders The Vale borders Riverlands borders Iron Islands maps The reach borders

Full size maps

Historical Maps of Westeros & Essos

Invasion of the first men The last night The age of Heroes The doom of Valyria Targaryen Migration Valyria expansion The Roynar Migration The age of Valyria The andal invasion

Full size maps

Political Map at the Beginning of The Winds of Winter

TWOW Political Map

Full size map

For other interesting posts on maps, check out this one about Game of Thrones which the first map on this post comes from, focusing on the outlines of the different cities. For more fictional worlds, check out these maps.