A3-21 Plasma Rifle

Fantasy guns designers get more and more creative. The products of their minds should really be featured in the most famous sci-fi movies out there.

Ryan Palser, the designer of this plasma rifle, is an animator whose work can be admired in several computer games. As usual, people working in this industry have quite some imagination, so it should not surprise us that they come with such fantasy guns from time to time.

According to the designer, making this gun took around five months. We can only imagine how eager were the fans of Ryan Palser in this time. Before posting the pictures of the final product on his personal blog, the designer allowed his fans to take a glimpse on Flicker at how the plasma rifle is going to look. Some of the technologies Ryan used when creating this fantasy gun include molding and gasting, backlit panels and a lot of electronic work, all done in great detail. The acrylic paint and the backlit panel that has an orange glow really make the plasma rifle stand apart. As the designer himself admits, the paint job of the gun is in fact one of its strongest points, and after seeing the picture, we can only say that he is right.

One fact that is worth a lot of appreciation is that the designer did a few mistakes throughout the project, but he learned something from each one of them, so his future fantasy guns – if any – should be even more impressive than this one. The mahogany stand on which the plasma rifle is displayed also represents a nice touch and even though technically it is not part of the rifle, it really completes the work nicely.

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