Kinect Hack Uses iPhone and iPad to Play Dodgeball

You might remember having played Dodgeball when you were in the elementary school, as most schools physical instructors insist kids to play this game for it improves eye-hand coordination and reflexes in young children.

However, many people continue to play the fun game even when they grow older, and turn into adults. The game involves catching a ball thrown by a person, and avoid being hit by it on any other area of your body. Now, we do know that the Kinect revolution has turned geeks crazy, and they have begun to mod every single game possible and twist the game in such a manner that Kinect could somehow be used. Some geeks at Super Touch did just that, and they developed a Dodgeball game that involves the use of a Kinect, an iPhone and an iPad to play it.

You cannot expect to find a start button on the controller as the guys decided to print modes on cubes which you need to hold and wave. The cube is made of an accelerometer, an Arduino and even an Xbee module. The accelerometer is monitored by the Arduino and the Xbee wirelessly sends the orientation to the computer. 2 players can use iPhones and iPads to send balls to the main player, who has to avoid being hit by it and catch it as well. You could watch the video below.

It is one of the geekiest versions of a simple ball game played by kids in school, as it involves almost everything that a geek’s life revolves around. The Kinect Dodgeball game involves a computer, an iPad, an iPhone, an Arduino, an accelerometer and of course the Kinect device itself. You could also take a look at the Kinect Hack in which you can throw Hadoukens. The Kinect Tetris game is sort of fun too. You can try to come up with an innovative way to use the Kinect as well.